Hmmm does this word perhaps mean 'apple'?
Correct! The word was 'to exercise!'
P.S. fuck the bard people.

You see these type of “spot the difference” games dont work when sasuga unreal engine farts out visual and audio glitches onto my screen. “Has this room always been this bright? Has the rolling trolley always been silent?” Well these are going to be the most subtle anomalies you’ll come across, and they’re not even intentional. Also thanks for a ‘game over screen’ that is functionally identical to just failing the loop?
Idk, it’s not as bad as my review makes it out to be, but I cant type without sounding mad after playing an unreal engine game.
P.S. the unreal engine info’s source is that i made it the fuck up

One evening worth of newgrounds flash game 'puzzle' experience. Had to restart couple of levels due to bugs but it's like couple of minutes of my life lost. Mostly just clicking on stuff tho tbh

Nothing special but good for killing some time

team building exercise, but also good and a video game.
You can try before you buy by playing the first game (it's free on steam). Like my review on that one when you backlogg it.
These series are on perma steam sale and definitely not worth the full 10$ for individual game.

team building exercise but fun and also video game

So THIS is how schizophrenic-paranoids feel when they wake up

What if houses had feelings?

Had to pull the ultimate move for two levels: asking big bro for help.
This is harder than you’d expect but satisfying once you solve it

The gamer urge to stubbornly keep around weakest companions cause they do be kinda wholesome…

Ib + Witch’s house + dash of Madoka Magica. Puzzles are decently engaging. Amazing atmosphere. Spooky. Excited for their new game coming out!
Half a star off for those moments where I had to sit through dialogue/cut scenes when I died. ( and those were the sections where you’re expected/very likely to die with no prior knowledge of the area)

Actually unpacks trauma… like a baws!

The serial killer who ate his victims went too far for me when he wanted to fuck his sister
Anyway 5 stars