Hobbyist game dev, currently working on my first "commercial" game, Lost Tenet.

I tend to gravitate to underdog and weird stuff, but absolute favorites usually have some RPG elements in them.
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First of all, props to Team Silent for having the guts to focus on a teenage girl protag. bowing emoji

At the same time, kinda feels like a bit of a vie for relevancy? Sorry. The original Silent Hill was very standalone and didn't need much of a continuation, it wrapped things up pretty nicely. SH2 somehow managed to be amazing by just being a completely different story set in a similar setting. Little to no connection really, but it also establishes the franchise as something that can be further expanded upon.

Now in with the amusement park and mall, etc. It may star a teenage girl but it also seems a bit geared towards teenagers as well. Euh, it's fine really, Silent Hill as a series had diminishing sales with each subsequent release, so changing the core concept of each story while polishing the gameplay was probably the best option, but it's also not super compelling. Shrug

Let's get this straight; I didn't like James Sunderland. I didn't feel sorry for him, a lot of his issues were his own damn fault tbh. SH2 is as much about the struggle of mental illness and trauma as it is the hubris of the male psyche and sexuality. He's not a very likeable MALE character when the credits roll. Heather on the other hand, is quite likeable. That's a double edged sword though, because it's ultimately a lot less compelling.

Oh well, the game is a bit more fun on the action side, if more labyrinthian.

The lock is broken. I can't open the door.

Why do I get the feeling the little monsters at the school used to be children???

I must say, if, like me, you hate tank controls, then playing tank controls on analogue isn't quite as bad. I'm actually enjoying this and I did not expect to at all.

I think what set this game apart from Resident Evil is the semi-openness of the town. It's not "open world" or anything but it is large enough to feel like an explorable space and also... get very lost in. For a PS1 game, Silent Hill is a fairly large town. The RE games definitely felt a bit more claustrophobic, but then you have perpetual fog and darkness which also add claustrophobia to this as well.

Most of the design philosophy that makes SH2 such a great experience is already prevalent in this game. It's certainly not quite as cinematic or weird, but nuances were harder to approach with early 3D (MGS certainly tried though). I view this as a very necessary stepping stone to the amazing SH2, Akira Yamaoka is there, the general gameplay feel is there, but it would all be perfected the next time. (Actually combat in SH2 is just as blah if not worse, but I could give a rat's ass about combat in that game, I would have been fine without it even)

I tried this game a long time ago and wasn't feeling it. After beating SH2 I wanted to dive right into SH3, but then of course I find out that that's a direct sequel to SH1, so I finally came back to this and wasn't particularly looking forward to it. But it's a solid game. I'm glad I could get over my initial impression of it.

Damn, that ending was pretty wild. Probably going to need to read a few plot analyses to fully grasp, but this game goes full on into the occult.

And finally, that "cast roll" at the very end is one of the greatest things ever. Cool game!