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- Simple, effective theming is better than encyclopedic diatribes
- The player is not the character, the player is a guardian angel who guides the character
- A designer isn't a director giving directions to an actor, a designer is a parent telling their kid to run an errand
- Video games are more commercialized than any other form of media and to hold them to the same purist notions of art that literature or film critics have is naive. The ability of a team to "work with the system" should be praised, not criticized
- Auteur theory has no place in the realm of video games
- Ludonarrative is more important than narrative
- Customization is core to video games as a medium
- Those who hate sequels disregard how cost-saving game sequels compared to other mediums
- "Good game, but not a good X game" doesn't make sense
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Apr 12

Otoko Cross: Pretty Boys Dropout!
Otoko Cross: Pretty Boys Dropout!

Apr 06

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I will always be the second best player of challenge 16 in Otoko Cross: Pretty Boys Dropout!

holy shit, lost media of biblically accurate angels with dementia in a liminal and strangely familiar space!?!??! Sign me UP dude!!!!!!!

The tactics system is undefendedable. Such a DRASTIC change to a very basic action should have the entire game built around justifying it, not some vague "well the characters are kinda their own person you know." This is like if Mario Bros had Another World's controls. Came to this conclusion seeing the story in reload having no strong justification for such a mechanic.