My first game in the original DMC franchise. While it was decent, I never enjoyed spectacle fighters. Finding and doing cool combos was never something that interested me. I just wanted to find what worked and used it until the end to beat the game.

Perfectly fine game. If a little less fun than DMC 3.

The way you could cut seemingly everything in the demo I played blew my mind back when I played it. After remembering the game way later I gave it a shot. It was pretty good for what it was. Still not a fan of spectacle fighters, but the story was just fun to watch unfold.
With that said, this does have one of the best soundtracks of all time out of any game.

The biggest disappointment I've ever played.
I started the Kingdom Hearts series somewhere around late 2018. I either played through the game if I had the console for it or I would watch the cutscenes to understand the overall story. I got invested in these characters and, once I finished the available games, waited for KH3 to come out. That last month of waiting for the game's release was grueling, but I managed to persist with only some stuff being spoiled, the secret boss and the opening movie. I bough the game day one and spend the next 3 and a half days straight, after accounting for sleep and classes, to beat the game and see the rest of the story unfold. Unfortunately, after beating the game, I felt like i wasted my time. Not immediately, but after about 2 months. Not only was the main chunk of the story behind 20 hours of the worst disney worlds in the series, but the last 4 or so hours that I had been waiting for were just not interesting at all. There was only a single moment during the last parts of the game I enjoyed, and it was basically just fanservice. In the end, this game made me no longer interested in the series. I'll still keep up with the series, but I'm no longer counting down the days until the next game comes out. Still need to play Melody of Memory, but I'm not too interested in keeping up with the story anymore. Gameplay was alright I guess.

Had to refund due to poor performance. It's indefinitely shelved until that issue is fixed.

Perfectly fine gameplay with an interesting gimmick, but I wasn't too invested even while I was playing it.


I was kind of disappointed after playing it. The combat wasn't very fun and I didn't find any of the bosses to be memorable.

Pretty good continuation of the original.
Fun extension of the formula set by the first game, but I still wouldn't consider it too memorable, at least in my case.

A classic.
While I didn't love the game nearly as much as everyone else seems to, I did still enjoy my time with it. It's simply a fun puzzle game with a really cool gimmick that doesn't outstay its welcome.

It's fine.
While I do consider Hotline Miami to be a must play for most people, I never had that much fun playing through the game. If it wasn't for the soundtrack, or it's sequel, I probably would have forgotten about it not too long after beating it.

Birth by Sleep probably has my favorite story out of the entire Kingdom Hearts franchise. I also love almost every world presented. While the gameplay itself is quite mediocre, I still got enjoyment out of it.

Also shoutout to Terra. Went from being the lamest of the 3 main characters to the coolest one by the end.

Not very interesting.
The gameplay was serviceable, but not very fun, and the story is quite forgettable. Would almost consider this a waste of time.

Almost great.
It has some of the best movement I have felt in any game, but I don't think any of the stages presented take full advantage of it.

Widely considered to be the black sheep of the series, when it comes to mainline games, I actually enjoyed my time with the game quite a lot. It took a couple of hours for the gameplay to click with me, but when id did, I had a blast going through and finishing it.