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3 years later, after the relative success of Mario land 1, yokoi would return and give us a Mario land sequel we all deserved. A sequel that improved on the original in quite a few ways. Its sequel would also end up being quite a hit, with the game getting a lot more inspiration from the recent Super Mario World and going above and beyond to make the game as ambitious as possible. So let’s dive into it shall we?

So this time, Mario land 2 actually does take place in Mario land. While Mario was away, his rival Wario took over and now Mario has to take it back by finding 6 coins in 6 differently themed areas and then facing up against Wario. This was the game to introduce Wario and would end up being the precursor to that of the Wario land games, which I promise, I will get to one day.

In terms of gameplay, it takes both a few steps forward and a step back. I said it took a lot more inspiration from Super Mario World and trust me: it really does show. The sprites match that of it and the power-ups also reflect it. This time there are two: the fire flower and…a carrot…which helps you fly. The fire flower is a lot more traditional, with the carrot being very similar to things such as the tanooki suit and the cape feather. Then there are the 6 different areas which are all accessed by a world map, which is very similar to the world maps of Super Mario Bros. 3 and obviously World. The 6 worlds include the Tree zone, the space zone, the macro zone, the pumpkin zone, the turtle zone and the Mario zone with them each having different bosses and amount of levels.

After all this we finally face up to Wario in a pretty interesting final level. Personally, this is probably one of my least favourite final levels, mainly because of its random bullshit thrown everywhere. You survive a pool of lava and then whoop- looks like you got hit by a random mechanical fist. The bane of my existence. The Wario boss is also pretty annoying but it isn’t all too bad. He just uses the different power ups you used and you have to adapt to them and hopefully not die. But then, Mario finally gets his castle back, and harmony is restored.

Something quick to mention is the zoomed in camera. My problem with the first Mario land was it was way too zoomed out which would probably be tedious to play in the wrong lighting conditions. But thankfully for this game they zoomed it out! Well…maybe zoomed it out a little too far. This was the step back I was talking about earlier. The camera is a pain to deal with. The only thing you can control is what is above you and what is below you, anything to the sides you’re just gonna have to risk it and hope an enemy or spike isn’t there. I didn’t have that many problems with it but when it annoyed me, it annoyed me.

Overall, out of the 2 games I’d say Mario Land 2 is a great improvement over the original. It applies a lot more inspiration from its console counterparts whilst still doing its own thing. While it is still quite flawed in areas, I have to admit it’s a very fun time. Whether I’ll get to the Wario land games I’ll definitely see.

Quirky sequel to a quirky game boy game, music still slaps, nice sprites, cool areas, shit camera, and fuck the mechanical arms

You can’t have a Nintendo console without having its launch game being a Mario title. Some may argue the nes was the console that started that trend but I’ll always say that the game boy was the console to solidify the Mario series as the one thing you have to have launch your console. This is also the first Mario game not to have any sort of influence from miyamoto himself and was actually the game that was going to show off the game boy’s power…until they decided to bundle in Tetris instead but that was probably a much safer option. So let’s dive into the very first Mario land game.

The story is pretty simple: Mario goes to a place known as sarasaland in the hope of saving princess daisy from the evil tatanga. The game is split into 4 worlds which each consist of 3 levels each with there usually being a boss at the end of each of the final levels. The levels themselves are very similar to the original Mario bros. You have the suspended blocks in the air, the goomba’s and koopa’s, the pipes leading to secret areas, and the power ups. However, the levels no longer end with the flag pole and instead just let Mario go into a small door, or if your feeling a little adventurous, you can do a small platforming section to get to a door above to go through a bonus minigame. These either grant you extra lives or a power up.

2 of the levels are also shooter levels which are…fine? It’s not like I have an awful grudge against them cause there are only 2 and they don’t go on for that long. As for the levels themselves they are also fine. My only real issue is that it is all way too small. I get why they made it like that, it’s a small screen and they wanted it to have similar dimensions to the original, but did they not factor in that I can’t see shit at the best of times and no night light will be able to help me see this minuscule shit.

Overall, Mario land is definitely a quirky little game boy title with some questionable design choices. Now that I think about it, Tetris was probably a pretty good choice to show off the system’s capabilities. The game is still really fun and I would probably still recommend people try it, but its sequel would definitely improve things and also bring in a new problem.

Quirky little game boy game, goated music, tiny characters, oh daisy!

You’re trying to tell me these are mechs? They look like potential rayman characters

One of the last games released for the famicom during the shift to the super famicom in Japan, joy mech fight was nintendo’s last attempt to create a fighting game for the famicom (like what they did with urban champion). This game was actually never brought to the west until Nintendo switch online a year ago so uhh…good job Nintendo. Good to see the game finally got a localisation! Oh wait-

So because I can’t read what’s going on, I’m currently going off of what it says on the Wikipedia page. Dr. Emon and Dr. Walnuts create these really cool robots until walnuts steals them and plans world domination. Thankfully, Emon brings a robot called sukapon and turns him into a military robot to fight back against Walnuts and all his robots. Pretty simple plot.

Gameplay is your typical fighting game, though it has quite a lot of charm to it. In the story mode, you eventually get 36 available fighters, each with their own abilities that you can use. These can also be played in the multiplayer modes, and some are extremely easy to master. The story mode consists of beating 7 fighters per level until having to face a boss at the end. After finishing the boss, you move onto the next level.

Overall, whilst not the best game on the famicom, I must admit that joy mech fight has a really nice charm to it. And as one of the last famicom games, it has a really nice presentation that I love and it doesn’t feel stiff at all. It is probably one of the best fighting games on the famicom, but whether it is on a similar level to that of street fighter 2 or tekken is possibly a very big stretch.

Fun gameplay, really nice presentation, neat music, rayman if it was a fighting game