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Pontos positivos:
- Magik
- Mecânicas fáceis de aprender até pra quem não gosta de RPG de turno

Pontos Negativos:
- Poucas Skins e são caras
- Nico Minoru
- História maçaroca
- Nico Minoru
- Pouca variedade de inimigos
- Nico Minoru
- DLC's muito caras
- Nico Minoru
- Mecânicas de Dating Simulator muito básicas
- Nico Minoru
- Hulk só libera no final do jogo
- Quase esqueço de citar a Nico Minoru

Brincadeiras a parte, eu me diverti mais do que esperava já que não sou chegado a RPG's de turno, eu decidi jogar única e exclusivamente porque minha mutante favorita (Magik) tá no jogo e é uma das pouquíssimas mídias fora dos quadrinhos em que ela está presente, pro meu alívio tudo que envolva ela na história e gameplay me agradaram, mas o resto foi um pouquinho maçante de tragar, no momento da review estou jogando uma segunda run rushada apenas pra pegar o último troféu que falta de conseguir o máximo de Karma oposto que eu fiz da run passada (o que sinceramente, achei um porre, queria me manter fazendo tudo em apenas uma run já que o NG+ desse jogo é bem meia boca).

Eu recomendo pra quem é fã de Super-Heróis mas fica com um pé atrás pelo preconceito de ser um jogo de Turnos já que ele é realmente bem amigável e fácil de se pegar o jeito, alguns personagens são mais divertidos de se jogar que outros, mas é de gosto completamente pessoal, portanto que você não tente subir muito a dificuldade, qualquer boneco funciona sem tem que pensar muito, jogando tranquilo e sem pressa eu finalizei a campanha com todos os personagens com suas amizades maximizadas (apenas jogo base) e suas cartas lendárias desbloqueadas em umas ~50 horas, então o jogo tem um nível de conteúdo atrativo já que não é pouco mas também não é muito, ele sabe a hora de acabar.

Meu maior incômodo aqui é como alguns personagens realmente me faziam revirar os olhos sempre que abriam a boca (sim Nico, estou falando de você) já que parece que existem só pra arrumar intriga com os Vingadores porque são uns Zé Bunda e ser uma péssima amiga pras únicas pessoas que gostam dela ali, eu sou uma pessoa que não joga firmemente Dating Sims mas sei que aqui ele é bem básico, superficial e ter personagens com quem você não se identifica ou não te agradam pode deixar essa parte do jogo mais maçante, que é o que acontece com ela.

De resto, bacana! Quem quiser só sair pulando diálogos e só focando em Karma e Gameplay ainda pode acabar tendo um tempo legal aqui.

Not a bad game, Good story. But coming from Firaxis, the same devs behind the XCOM games, I understand that the game may have been underwhelming. But the game wasn't bad. The turn based card mechanics were enjoyable enough. Your thinking on what your move should be on each turn. Its a decent game but I think the marvel comic fans may enjoy this game more than the average gamer.


This game is fucking awesome when it gets down to the battles. It's balanced perfectly. I grinded out for the harder difficulties because I was ready to sweat after the first couple levels. Firaxis knows how to make pulse pounding turn based action. They really are at their best here making compelling, fun systems and dynamic enough difficulty settings that are easy enough for every kind of person jump into -- but you can get your ass kicked, too if you really really want to.

You can make custom comic book photos of your squad after ever mission. There's a mini overworld with some minor distractions in there. It's aight, you gotta participate in it to get all the extra challenges and stuff.

I love this game. I think it was probably a great idea when it was pitched, but when it released people were DONE with Marvel shit. So a game that goes with that Kevin Feige approved dialogue will just remind you of that stagnation with the movies. To be real, this game does Captain Marvel the best. The Runaways get a fair amount of love. Every character is fun to play. It is just a shame that Disney penis'd Marvel and made everyone sick of Marvel. Midnight Suns was one of the biggest victims of the penising. Aw well, you can buy this bad boy for like 20 bucks and it's super worth it.


a gameplay de cartas é boa pra krl mas o resto é um LIXO

It completely surprised me; I judged the graphics and those hero designs quite a bit at first, thinking they were the ugliest I've seen in a superhero game. However, it turns out it's a good, incredibly fun, and creative turn-based tactical RPG with a very good story... I also loved socializing and being able to make friends with each of the heroes; I had a lot of fun with the dialogues.

The discourse surrounding this game has been entirely disingenuous. The "omg it's just a card game" crowd gave it the impression that it's just like playing goldfish or uno but Midnight Suns is hardly just a card game.

You get to play as an original character to the Marvel universe known as "The Hunter" yet the creation aspect of it is very bare minimum. There's only one voice option (fortunately for the Male Hunter he is voiced by Matthew Mercer, not sure of the performance for Fem Hunter), the customization for your appearance is reminiscent of DCUO but even more lackluster, and there is no choice of playstyle for your Hunter for weapon/superpower options. All of the aforementioned lead to underwhelming immersion at times.

The card SYSTEM is how they guised the combat mechanics to give the tactical elements of a turn based strategy RPG a bit of flare. Although a bit repetitive at times, combat is the strongest feature of the game and can be fun yet challenging at the same time. There isn't much variety to the missions or bosses as there are only a handful of each on rotation but they are all different enough from each other and enjoyable nonetheless.

The most contentious aspect of Midnight Suns is the Abbey. This is where you can upgrade your Hunter abilities and interact with all the different Marvel characters. I do not disagree that at times the side quests in-between missions at the Abbey can be a bit of a chore but I found the relationship building simulator to be endearing, regardless of how camp and cheesy the dialogue came across. My biggest gripe is when you implement a mechanic like this, I expect potential romance scenarios. I understand why Marvel wouldn't allow this but that doesn't stop me from wanting it. If Blade was able to woo-hoo Captain Marvel then I should be able to kiss Peter Parker (Spiderman) or Robbie Reyes (Ghost Rider)!

Something I feel being overlooked though is the identity crisis this game seems to have. Is it a dark, brooding, supernatural experience or just another Marvel cliche? During mission cutscenes the game portrays itself as something contrary to a lot of the dialogue encounters you have at the Abbey. Where you're inviting a character to a movie night or book club and bantering about something that doesn't vibe with how the game was originally marketed.

However, ultimately, I enjoyed my time playing Midnight Suns. Is it without flaws? No but it definitely was treated unfairly and never given a proper chance due to the initial reception thus causing it to be commercial flop. A follow up is unlikely, which is unfortunate because the story was intriguing enough and in typical Marvel fashion, they teased a sequel. So we may never know what becomes of the Hunter.

The strategic card-based gameplay is excellent, but absolutely everything else is total garbage, and there's so much of it that constantly gets in the way of the one thing the game does well. Everything in the abbey sucks ass, and you're forced to spend so much time there engaging in cringy nonsense that you can only skip through one line at a time. Some of the worst writing and voice acting I've tried to endure to get to enjoyable gameplay, but I just can't do it. The one good bit isn't worth sloughing through all the other garbage

Loved my playthrough. Felt that the combat shines through and the open ended social tasks got tasky and checkboxy towards the end.

Would have loved this if it directed itself a bit more.

The upgrading and leveling meant to evoke XCOM progression of troops fell flat for me. The deck building was a little flat but the combat and story really shined.

Being a comics fan the story and dialogue function as intended for better or for worse.

I'm glad I played it. The DLC characters were great. Loved the ending. Hard to recommend if you don't love turn based games, comics or XCOM.

shelved due to crashing on startup all of a sudden. a lot more going on than i thought (in a bad way!) because of all these weird dating sim/AAA bloaty elements that are just kind of ridiculous to interact with. also i hate iron man's voice and performance why does he sound like a shitty sitcom cop its so grating!!!!!

This game should be the poster child of a game ‘getting in the way of itself’. What I mean by that is, the actual combat encounters and card based gameplay is top tier and genuinely so enjoyable. I loved setting up a round to just sweep through the enemies while constantly having my attacks refunded - so satisfying when it all just works.

The flipside on this is that between these great missions that have you doing a cary of objectives and countering many different enemy types, is a terrible cringe inducing Disney Channel Show for tweens.

It honestly felt like they couldn’t work out the demographic for this game, as part of it feels like aimed at older people who like slower strategy games, and the other part feels like it was made for kids who grew up on Iron Man firing off constant zingers for a couple movies in a row.

As I found out in my Need for Speed review, I really have less patience for this kind of dialogue and game setup than what I thought, and ultimately it marred my experience and interrupted the flow of the game enough to make me shelve it.

My advice, play this muted and go watch youtube while you spam through the dialogue between the excellent missions and gameplay.

The combat is fine, even good.
However, the story, to be more precise the acting and script is unbearable. Every character is quirky, "sassy," like if you got MCU's RDJR's Iron Man and cranked it to 11 - and made this the personality of pretty much the entire fcking cast.
Holy sh

the only good thing about the game is its combat

Enjoyed my time with it, but really just want a cleaner loop of strategy and levelling up powers. The amount of busywork between missions completely robs it of the 'just one more battle' aspect I'd need to pull me through it.

Story left me a little underwhelmed but the card aspect was actually fun. I feel the game is at its worst when it tries to be a Marvel Persona game, but despite that the social interactions are decent and the rewards make up for it.

I just wish more people played it because it's fantastic

considering WotC and chimera squad were already Figurative Marvel Shit, the pivot to Literal Marvel Shit is about the least surprising thing ever; if you didn't see this coming I suggest staying out of the entrail reading business. the real surprise here's that everyone buried the lede blubbering about deckbuilding stuff so thoroughly that I had no idea this was Meet n Fuck Marvel

not since borderlands 2 has a game's dialogue filled me with the primal unease of an ape seeing a particularly snakelike vine. started this up while my wife was in the shower and when she texted asking if I could make some coffee I knew the choice was to smash ALT+F4 or risk being divorced on the spot

the cardgame bit I'm kinda whatever about. I think I'd like it more if the camera was positioned anywhere else and it didn't lean so hard into Epic Cinematic Presentation that even the most basic actions take a century to unfold. it's cool you can do the type of MTG blue deck bullshit where your turn lasts so long the person on the other side of the table regrets being a nerd, but not cool enough to endure the simpering social layer, endless cutscenes, and psychotic tutorializing that make up the bulk of the game

have to imagine you'd have a considerably better time stuffing hulk hands in your ass while playing slay the spire

I wanted to like this more, I really did.

Marvel's Midnight Suns is an XCOM style tactical RPG with card-based combat and an almost Stardew Valley style friendship mechanic. It's a pretty pristine AAA release from a major developer (Firaxis) and publisher (2k) but it leaves a lot to be desired both in execution and performance. A better direction for this thing probably would've delivered a much more enjoyable product and maybe even two. Because ultimately, Marvel's Midnight Suns feels like two or three games glued together in ways that are never quite cohesive.

The meat of the game is, arguably, its tactical squad-based combat a la XCOM. In most regards, Midnight Suns delivers well on its combat goals. Each hero has a wide variety of skills and builds and the heroes synergize will in teams. There's a relative ease in team and deckbuilding that gives players ample opportunity to experiment and try different combinations of team loadouts to fit your preferred playstyle. But there's something off. There's something missing somehow.

The combat is usually easy. There's not much challenge. When there is, the challenge feels more annoying than it does engaging. You're not thrilled to overcome a tough challenge, your cranky that it was any hard to start with. I think most of this comes from how unrewarding the combat typically is. Missions that don't advance the story feel like busywork. They don't drop cool loot or weapons or resources. Most of the game the crafting and other mechanics are superfluous at their best and in the way at their worst. Building useful decks is simple and quick if you just follow the story missions and talk to heroes around the Abbey. The combat isn't fathoms deep as to engage you mentally so instead they just get repetitive and when it's not advancing the story it feels unnecessary.

And then of course, there's an entire game that exists outside the combat. Unlike XCOM, where combat is 90% of the game, there's an entire RPG and questing mechanic around the Abbey that feels like it's almost more at home in a Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing clone than it does in a squad based tactics game. When you're in the Abbey there are various quests and puzzles to solve all across the Abbey grounds. Mysteries and ingredients and fetch quests. The writing is haphazard but there are some highs worth experiencing out there. Then there are the relationships.

Each hero has a friendship level with The Hunter that can be increased by taking them on missions, helping them with questions, hanging out with them in any various methods of hanging out, giving them gifts or by taking them to special hangout events. It's very reminiscent of the SV/ACNH style of cozy game friendship building. And some of the stories are really quite good. Magik, Blade, Spider Man have great friendship storylines. Some others like Scarlet Witch, Ghost Rider and Iron Man are not quite as good. But they're all fun and engaging.

However, the friendship activities and Abbey upgrades don't feel synergistic with the combat. The systems do interrelate but not in a way that you can really /feel/. Sure increasing your friendship with heroes unlocks better cards and completing stories around the Abbey gives resources for upgrades. But if you're having fun with the relationship stuff for its own sake then it doesn't matter to you that it affects combat very much. And the combat isn't so challenging that you have to engage with the relationship stuff if you don't want to. And in the end the two just don't feel like they really talk to one another well enough. It puts you in a situation where it feels like the combat is in the way of the story stuff or it feels like the story stuff is in the way of the combat.

In this way, Marvel's Midnight Suns strongly reminds me of Ni No Kuni II. Another game with an overarching story and combat structure with a kingdom management city builder and friend relationship mechanic jammed into one package. It's just too much. Too many systems that feel too disparate, too many things to do that don't feel interrelated. Too many things that feel like they were made for different games. In the end none of these mechanics are as well fleshed out as they probably could've been if it represented a larger chunk of the game.

There could be other redeeming elements that still make it better than the sum of its parts. But the story is pretty generic feeling. A very generic macguffin filled mystery box superhero plot. It's got its moments but it's a generic uninspiring story with too much MCU/Deadpool-esque tryhardy jokey dialogue. Which again have their moments but overall it's just a weak point of the game. In a game that's so heavily plot focused, unlike a broadstrokes story in XCOM, it can be a letdown when compared to how engaging some of the one-on-one friendship questlines can be.

Then there's plenty of performance issues. The game is prone to crashes, missions can have their objectives break or not register properly, ally and enemy character models can sink through the floor and become invisible and untargetable, the facial animations are "release day Mass Effect Andromeda"-tier bad, the outfits clip (and sometimes disappear entirely!). There's just a large list of little bugs and blips which feel entirely unacceptable for a game of this price and this development tier.

The combat is pretty good. The card mechanic felt weird at first but fits really well. The relationship stuff with the Abbey heroes are generally pretty good and the Abbey mysteries are great too. But the systems just don't gel. They don't click. And because of how disparate they are the combat feels more aimless than it does in XCOM and the friendship stuff feels like a half-baked Stardew Valley. The game isn't helped by its price tag or its subpar story or its endless glitches. It's not a bad game. It's certainly above average. And it feels ambitious. Just kinda poorly executed. A missed chance. Worth the time but only marginally. Pick it up when it's on a sale for $10 a couple years from now and it'll feel more worthwhile.

Bueno, este juego tiene muchas cosas increíbles, desde su jugabilidad súper única, su diseño de personaje y sobre todo la cantidad de diálogo e historias originales para cada héroe (además contando con todas las líneas de diálogo dobladas al castellano); pero creo que el juego es demasiado largo para lo que ofrece, donde la jugabilidad pierde algo de interés hacia el último tercio del juego...

No tengo que decir cosas revolucionarias sobre el juego, pero ya que me cagué encima del Spiderman de Insomniac, al menos señalar el juego que te hace recuperar la fe en los superhéroes (increíblemente aunque no completamente).

Por lo que vi inicialmente, mucha gente si sabe algo del juego, es que "es mucho mejor de lo que se piensa y floppeó al inicio".
El problema quedó más aparente con mi hermano, que extendió personalmente diciendo: Ni sabía tenía la parte social; pensaba que era de cartas pero ni sabía que importaba el posicionamiento de los personajes; tampoco sabía que...

Que aunque sea Firaxis y ellos mismos supiesen que son de "slow burn", parece que el público no tenía claro qué pasaba con esto. Yo mismo directamente desconocía de toda la parte social y me quedé en la opinión de que no quiero jugar algo Marvel aun con ese equipo detrás; pero quizá lo hiciese por estar siendo infravalorado y que tenía ese toque extra en la fórmula XCOM.

Y tras estas comparaciones, opiniones de gente y valoración general del juego, aprovecho para avisar que también le acaba ocurriendo lo que a muchos juegos que rondan las 50h: Vas a querer tirar de completismo por ser amigos de todo, desbloquear toda la tecnología o todas las submisiones de la Abadía, o cualquier otra cosa que te de ansia de querer ver más; pero por eso acabarás pasándotelo como Elden Ring y todos esos otros: Llegando muy estrujado al final, y ya sin mucha tensión, pasase lo que pasase, tanto jugablemente como narrativamente.

No quiero hacer la típica carga de preguntas final de si lo hace bien y responder entre (No/A medias), pero es que al final me es único y contradictorio en que recuerda a un AA cuando fácilmente viendo los recursos, esto es un AAA (Muchos se reirán de tapadillo señalando a los gráficos, que ni están mal pero personalmente di palmas porque en lugar de caras de actores o gastos estúpidos de dinero, se lo gastaron en la increíble decisión de doblarlo por completo a otros idiomas. ¡Cuando ya de por sí es un tamaño titánico en versión original!)

Así que aunque sea un juego con el que hay que tener cuidado para que no pierda la ola de euforia haciendo demasiadas cosas que no sea la historia principal; que tenga unos diálogos que no son vergüenza típica del MCU pero a veces leas más de lo que querrías, aun si al menos es una opción entre varias, responder [Bromear] <Respuesta smug>; o que en general no es tan, tan emotivo...

¡Es que como mínimo te lo vas a pasar bien siendo un AAA!
Y lo digo especialmente por los intentos de jugar un AAA "para pasar un buen rato" y que acababan con el cuerpo respondiendo como si hubiese ingerido veneno.

As a huge XCOM fan and a huge Marvel fan, this one really hit the sweet spot for me. The 3D battlefield along with cards for abilities is a welcome new addition to Firaxis' strategy game mechanics. I had a ton of fun puzzling out what often looked like hopeless situations into combos and teamwork that got me through the battle. I also really enjoyed leveling up my favorite characters, Iron Man, Doctor Strange and Ghost Rider. However, the 'friendship' mechanics, the chatty hangouts and club meetings in the Abby all dragged the game down. I think it was interesting to really get to the know the characters (and I remember feeling sad when a solider you had leveled up many times died in XCOM missions), so I get where Firaxis was trying to elevate that sense of comradery in the team, but having endless heart to heart talks just got old. I think if they saved those for special occasions like when a team member was severely injured, or when your friendship level was maxed out it would have been better. Still only loses half a star because the rest of the game is so awesome. If you loved XCOM or if you are a Marvel fanatic you have to check this one out.

honestly wanna come back to this when i can stomach the load times, bc while Marvel does nowt for me i really like firaxis and what they're going for here. and the hits feel NICE

but these load times man. ooft. the part of AA that nobody wants

There's a small chance I may come back to this one day as I did genuinely enjoy the turn based combat and I really wish it was mainly just going from battle to battle with some upgrading characters in between. But the time spent in the Abbey was just too long and boring for it to put me off pursuing with the game.

Marvel's Midnight Suns attempts to merge superhero dynamics with tactical RPG mechanics, but it stumbles due to a lackluster story and repetitive gameplay, failing to fully capture the excitement expected from a Marvel title.

Did I seriously go out of my way to play through a honestly pretty mid-strategy card game and pay an extra 20 dollars for DLC just so I could get the privilege to enjoy a good version of Deadpool..........well....yeah........... :/

I mean don't get me wrong if you like X-Com and other strategy games I'm sure you'll like this, it's just that I honestly don't personally care for strategy games and if I'm being 100% stright with you the game is beyond easy for like the first 20 hours; I just wanted to see a character I once loved actually done well and not like how's they've been portraying every single medium since the movie. Does this make me possibly the most reddit pilled out of all my friends? OH YEAH 100% UNDOUBTEDLY, but at least for me I can pull out the long time fan card and say I like this character before they became completely insufferable and a tool for Marvel's neverending slop machine of a cinematic universe.

When I say that Deadpool that we have in this game is probably the most well written and suddle he's been since his 2013 run that should probably tell you how dire it's been for the last 10 years. For some reason for the longest time Deadpool has been a hard character for writers to work on for some reason, see most hacks writers looked at the movie as their main influence or they think they've understood the character through cultural osmosis which is pretty the much equivalent of thinking you've understood the character by reading an unfunny bumper sticker. Deadpool at his best is when he's an annoying jackass but everyone around him either hates him or feels some sort of pity, He's not a character you wanna laugh at he's a character that bottles up his emotions and pushes other people he perceives to be his friends away while hiding all of his more nuanced aspects behind a super thick wall of irony so no one can hurt him. He can sometimes get better and in the case of his 2013 run even work on himself to be a better person for him and his kid, but at the core of his character he's a sad pathetic worm that can't die and refuses to go away. The movies kinda did that but as soon as Ryan Reynolds signed on to play the character the films stopped being Deadpool movies and instead became another linchpin in Reynold's adventure capitalist money chasing one note acting nepo career.
The game gets this dynamic down almost perfectly, although it stumbles a little bit here and there at times. He still has traces of his "lol chimichangas aren't I clever that I know I'm in a video game" that gets on my nerves but that dynamic of everyone else in the game just hating Deadpool constantly is still there and it works really well; especially with Blade. He’s pretty much an outcast for a majority of his time in the game and since the game gives you the ability to go on activities and hangouts with him you get to see a much more personal side of him. More a majority of the time you try to make a somewhat tangible connection with him he’ll either bounce off the question with a stupid joke or make a light-hearted threat until you get to the very near end of his relationship arc where he’ll finally open up just a tiny amount but enough to where your words actually get to him and make him care, granted it’s not a lot and he’ll still push you away with his annoying jokes but he’ll care more about you as a friend; which is technically growth for him and you know what that’s better

Out of the other characters in the game and even it’s DLC Deadpool feel ultimately out of place because this a game centered around the supernatural side of the Marvel universe and having a pudo-XMan running around killing vampires, demons, and a supernaturally corrupted Sabretooth with Blade and Ghost Rider is…..well…………it’s really fucking dumb. But like in a way that’s very camp and comic booky and honestly I’ll take this over any of that MCU coded poorly written Insomniac slop shit (My opinion on Spider-Man 2 has soured in the months I played it in). So yes I did indeed play a 50 hour long strategy card game just for Deadpool, and I will probably never touch this game ever again. Could I have just gotten all my info from clips on youtube instead of paying 20 plus another 20 for the season pass…..probably, but do I regret it? …………… it’s still a better version of Deadpool then last comic run so I’d say it was worth it.

(Also in case anyone was wondering what my thoughts on Deadpool and Wolverine are, it looks like a movie scientifically designed to piss me off and to make Reddit soy. I will not be watching because I have standards and would rather go see Sonic 3 or a real movie instead.)

both the main story and the DLC questline end with cliffhangers teasing popular characters which is pretty funny now that we know we're never getting a midnight suns 2 because no one bought this game outside of a sale (including me). so lmao.

Midnight Suns is a pretty cool game with a unique and satisfying combat system that actually had a lot of layers in it. Most of the other stuff isn't that interesting.

It's a card based SRPG. It doesn't sound good on paper but it's from Friaxis (xcom devs) and while I dont think they have any card games under their belt they clearly knew what they were doing with the system. Despite the fact that on paper you can "only" play 3 cards a turn, good smart play of a combination of your cards/deckbuilding, map interactables and movement skills can lead to very explosive turns. While a quick fear of it being card based is that sometimes you get complete bricks of turns, I had very little turns over the course of my 60~ hour playthrough that felt like i just couldn't do shit. Recycle often can ungum up hands and if your hands are still getting gummed up while skill issue man put less heroics in your deck.

To go with the good core is both varied enemy list with each their own rules and missions with their own unique rules. The dogs all aggro on the same target, giving you pause to either try not to have 3 dogs hit your squishy hero, or abuse a hero with taunt/counter to force all of them to hit them with one taunt skill. The nest mother summons towers that you dont want to keep alive, but also damage her if you break them, and shes always protected by a guardian that makes you unable to target her. Do you prioritize killing her rocks and whittling her down, or do you have a line that lets you just sheer brute force it? These kind of decisions are often, and it's really just enjoyable even when you're grinding.

Your deck is made up of what heroes you bring to a mission, each hero comes with their own unique card pool and gimmicks. Deadpool gets a stacking buff based on how many people he kills and his cards improve in various ways basd on his stack. Most of Iron Man's cards dont get recycled when you discard them, but instead improve in various ways from either extra keywords or more damage. Ghost riders cards do great damage but all come with downsides like forcing you to discard or taking damage. I think the card pools per character are oddly small which is disappointing but the characters are varied enough that it doesn't get that repetitive, and also there's an endgame grind mechanic to let you roll for extra effects on cards for even more deckbuilding options

Outside of the combat is a combination of xcom base building and like hero social links. Interact with the heroes between missions to build relationships giving individual heroes boosts while getting permanent boosts by upgrading the abbey, or also exploring the abbey grounds for its own questline. Unfortunately, the not combat parts of this game are definitely its weakest part.

The main story is pretty sauceless. It's a very clean cut heroes fight corrupting evil elder god for the most part. It tries to mix it up with some hero drama between, particularly like between the original midnight suns getting frustrated with the avengers abruptly showing up taking command, but it's not good and feels like highschool soap drama. Most of the social links stuff is also pretty unmemorable opening up about their doubts and anxiety dumps or just talking about how cool the protag is. There's a couple fun little side things but it's played almost too straight most of the time for how weird the cast of characters are. And also when its trying to funny it's often not.

Most of the xcom building stuff doesnt have a lot of depth either. While the things they unlock are good and add layers to combat, there isn't much to them other than Do Unlocks Requirement (probably do X missions with Y hero or upgrade Z amount of skills with Y hero) > research it > unlock it next day, maybe gotta spend money to actually unlock it.

DLC is pretty good. If the game is on sale the complete edition is probably also on sale and I think the DLC is worth the on sale price upgrade. The season pass gets you 4 heroes and around 15~ missions and its own story line about killing vampires. The story still isn't good and the social links have the same issues but the missions are the equally high quality and amongst the hardest in the game, and also you can get Venom. Everyone loves Venom.

It's good. Playing it is fun and it's a unique and well designed combat system with good missions to back it up. But the story, writing, and in-between events are uninteresting and lets down what should be a fun setting of standoffish super heroes working together. I learned I like Magik a lot though, she's cool.

It just depends on whether or not you like superheroes. If you don't, it won't change your mind on them. If you do, it's a fun ~50 hour game with a lot of meat on its bones. The dialogue is lighthearted and ultimately persistent - it got chuckles out of me through quantity, not quality. There's a bit too much technobabble in the cutscenes, and hearing characters say "Erm, could you repeat that in ENGLISH, doc???" for the billionth time did get an eye-roll from me. The story is wholly original which is nice, and the variety of heroes here means that you'll find yourself attached to somebody, eventually. There's a support system in place mechanically identical to FE Three Houses, and it works just fine. Getting close to different heroes means new combat perks, and there are some solid mechanics in place to hasten development. I enjoyed Wolverine's support the most, as it was the most well-rounded in covering his character.

I will echo the sentiment that the combat is the best part of the game - though I didn't see it that way at the beginning. The early game is rough. Enemies spam attacks that stun your allies, you don't have many ways to counter things, and the constant reinforcements are annoying as hell... It's just a bad time all around. The mid and late game are where it's at: better enemy variety, varied objectives, and deck-building opportunities save the whole experience. Heroes that you could bin earlier as "low-damage" or "too situational" become viable as utility characters, thinning enemy numbers or providing buffs. It's at this point where the hand of Firaxis is most obvious, equalizing the playing field and ensuring you can have fun with most setups.

Midnight Suns is fun, has a big budget, and is finely focused even if the delivery is flawed. It's a flavor of SRPG that's quite unique, and one we'll probably never see again considering how hard it flopped commercially. Even so, I'm excited to see what Firaxis comes up with next.

I'm not a big turn based tactical type game fan BUT you get to be besties and shoot the shit with Marvel's finest. Highly recommend

incredibly underrated game. I’m so glad I found this hidden gem, it’s such a fun time being able to choose from a huge roster of marvel characters to join your party but also being able to insert your own customised character into the fold!??

turn based games were not really for me but if you’re a fan of marvel there’s no way you won’t enjoy this

Começa interessante, mas com tempo se torna extremamente enjoativo e maçante. Queria ter animo pra continuar, mas infelizmente é difícil

A genuinely great card-based tactical RPG unfortunately shackled to ill-advised social mechanics and a story filled with sub-Whedon dialogue. I tried to just focus on the combat but there’s so much bloat surrounding it that it just makes the game feel like a chore to get through, so I’m throwing in the towel on this one. I just can’t play any more of this.