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Honestly this game super surprised me. I thought i'd like it going in, Marvel meets Xcom style combat but thought the deck building or story would be a bit shallow. Once you're past the long start tutorialising you it's such a great experience. Got a lotta great moments, with great characters, fun combat, a solid gameplay loop, surprising exploration. And the oppurtunity to make my custom player character a massive hottie.

Very fun strategy game with unique mechanics. Story is kinda lackluster but if you can look past some of the cheesy/generic dialogue it isnt bad at all

The Abbey portions of the game just aren't for me. I both see and applaud what they're doing, and it's enjoyable, mostly. It's not Three Houses, or Mass Effect, understandably, but it's also not as engaging as 2021's Guardians of the Galaxy was.
Midnight Suns is a by the numbers, linear waypoint following, Dragon Age Inquisition copying, videogame ass videogame. It wants to be such a big game with all it includes. All the systems makes sense and they work well, but starting out it's tutorial boxes and reams of dialogue about said new upgrade from Carol in HR. Don't forget to go see Tony and Stephen to open your new loot boxes...I fast forward and skip almost everything I do in the Abbey.
The combat is incredible. Absolutely incredible. I'm having the time of my life every time. It's simple. It's deep. The card system is great.

Game #31
Excellent. Truly so much better than I was expecting it to be. A great example of using a license to the best of its potential. Very fun and delightfully earnest.

"Shit, religious people startin' to scare me"
"Shit, the government wrote the Bible"
Someone wrote their marvel fan fic and turned it into a sexless mass effect. Playing this was as engaging as watching those perky housewives on Bravo, but without any hint of sexuality. Superheros are so scared of sex, my super god person should not fuck whatsoever. Jesus didn't fuck either because he was to good for that too. Dude, why even put Venom in this shit. That man wears a pregnant martian.
Sex aside, talking to the characters here is just talking to a wall, you're also a wall in this game too, so its two walls talking to each other. Wow, they did a really good job remaking Mass Effect!
Games really love to tip their little toes into dating sims mechanics just to waste your time and not do anything interesting with it, just cause its funny or something. What the hell is this bit?
Oh right, gameplay. No one cares, use iron man, kill everyone, next mission. (Iron Man, Venom, Dark Hunter, is all you really need.) Anyone thats trying to be a tank or whatever is fucking useless. Captain America is a bum! Then you got nerds that would be like 'bro you don't understand if you play like nightmare survival hardcore oddball mode you will wish you had the captian.' and all I will say is bitch, clean your room.
Hold on, let me add this shit right here. Fuck that stupid fucking demon dog dude, That useless piece of shit should get turned into sausage or something. Way more useful that way. I love this stupid mission that was like holy fucking shit dude, your DOG is here! And all I'm thinking is, oh great, this dumb fucking dog is ruining my deck cuz it's now filled with the most useless fucking cards in existence. Oh fuck hes not ok cuz I didn't pet the fucking shithead every day. Video games are pointless, brain smoothing tools.
They made Blade fucking ass in this game too. How the hell you fuck that up?
Why do all the women sound the same?
Why can't ya smoke sherm with Magick?
They gave plastic surgery to a skull. Ghost Rider wack.
Everyone Dripless.
I'll stick to XCOM, my guy.

Marvel Midnight Suns (2022): La evolución natural de XCOM, combinado con sistemas de amistad y convivencia estilo Persona hacen de este un juegarral. Es verdad que muchas conversaciones (no todas) son paja aburrida, pero hacía tiempo que un juego no me tenía tan enganchado (8,90)

único problema, que pra mim abaixa a nota: os momentos de god of war são chatos demais, ficar andando de um lado pro outro, EU QUERO BRIGA VEI, QUERO USAR OS HEROIS
que chato ficar tendo q conversar com uns bonecos de cera sem expressão e com opção de dialogo(pra que?), além do jogo obrigar a usar seu personagem criado, vsf, eu quero usar só os heróis da marvel, não um npc genérico medieval

The core gameplay of this game is so strong that I'm giving it 5 stars, even though there are obvious areas for improvement. Going into this, I had heard that the card combat was solid, but that 2/3 of the game was Persona style conversations with your teammates. Superficially, that's true. However, the loop of:
1. Mornings: prep for the upcoming battle - gather new cards, strengthen existing cards, train with one of your teammates.
2. Combat: turn based, deck-building, sublime.
3. Evenings: activities that strengthen the team to help you level up for the next day.
Really worked well for me. To the point where more than once I decided to play "just one more day" even though the time on the clock told me I would regret that decision in the morning.
Sure, the graphics aren't great, there were quite a few bugs (including one that made the Clean Sweep task impossible to finish), some of the DLC achievements won't unlock, the actual Abby grounds tasks felt underdeveloped, the fact that the missions level with you neutered that feeling of progression, there's a lot to improve. But that core gameplay was so fun, that it really overcame the parts that were lacking for me.
Normally I would say that this means it sets up really well for a sequel where the team at Firaxis could expand upon what they did well here and improve on the areas that need help. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that this game did very well so my hopes for that are muted.
There seemed to be a lot of praise for Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope while this one got burried. For my money, Sparks of Hope was fine but wore out its welcome, while Midnight Suns kept growing stronger as it went on.

What was kind of a slow start started turning into an amazing game. The dialogue originally put me off, but I eventually got used to it. Sometimes you just want a game with 70% of it being hanging with your bros (who happen to be super heroes) and 30% of it being a deep card battle tactics game.
Will most likely play again once the DLC gets completed. Which is a rare pull considering the game is around 70 hours.

El estilo de combate por turnos combinado con cartas y movimiento y uso del entorno es super entretenido. Esto sumado a las habilidades de cada personaje y a la cantidad de estos hace que el combate sea super disfrutable. Luego también tenemos la zona de la Abadía donde nos podremos mover libremente, explorar, conseguir recursos y conocer mejor a nuestros compañeros, lo cual a mi, fan de la saga Persona me flipa. Todo esto añadido al mundo de Marvel consiguen que sea un juego casi perfecto.

Si te gusta Marvel este juego es obligatorio jugarlo. Pero voy a hacer un análisis mas profundo.
Empiezo por el apartado técnico.
Técnicamente el juego tiene problemas. Caídas de frames cuando hay mucha acción en pantalla, bugs de iluminación, bugs en personajes, tarda muchísimo en guardar partida... Son cosas que a priori no molestan pero que están ahí.
Gráficamente es precioso y el único fallo que le achaco son las caras inexpresivas de los personajes.
Ahora vamos al gameplay y lo voy a dividir en varias partes del mismo juego. La abadía, el combate y la estrategia.
La abadía: Es el lobby donde pasamos el rato entre misión y misión. Aquí podemos hablar con otros héroes, ir de copas, jugar a videojuegos, ir a un club de lectura y muchas actividades mas. Las relaciones entre héroes son fundamentales ya que nos desbloquean pasivas que nos ayudarán en combate. Dentro de la abadía también tenemos la exploración que nos ayudará a avanzar con nuestro personaje en la historia y desarrollar nuevas habilidades.
El 50% del tiempo lo pasaremos en esta localización.
Combate: El combate es genial y nos permite llevar hasta 3 héroes a la batalla. A medida que vamos haciendo misiones se van desbloqueando dificultades mas altas que suponen un reto enorme sino elegimos a los héroes correctos para cada misión.

Really enjoyed the opening several hours of this on a free Steam weekend, and wanna check out the rest when it’s cheaper later this year.

Genuinely shocked by how much both the combat of the game and the social simulator stuff completely grabbed me with this. A very fun and unique spin on superhero gaming, and I really hope it manages to get a sequel one day!

What if XCOM met Persona and it was set in the Marvel universe? Runs well on Steam Deck now.

Excellent Combat and boasts much better writing and VA work than I could have ever expected.
Unfortunately it feels a bit bloated and the strategy layer/deckbuilding mechanics leave a fair amount to be desired, but I can't say that the combat was frequently special and almost as enthralling as Firaxis' masterpiece XCOM2
Easy recommend if you are into tactics games.

I love every 5 minutes of gameplay being interrupted with 30 minutes of teenagers arguing
but there's like 1 minute of Blade butting in every now and then so it's aight sometimes

I finished the main campaign a while ago, but I wanted to wait for all extra content to come out before writing a review – so now that I’m finished with the last(?) DLC mission, it’s finally time.
Without further ado, I can say without a doubt that I haven’t enjoyed a Marvel game this much ever since Marvel’s Spider-Man was released (although Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy came very close). No wonder: Marvel's Midnight Suns combines turn-based tactical role-playing with Marvel characters, and I absolutely love both of those things. Oh, and it’s all sprinkled with dating sim elements (although you can’t actually romance any of the heroes), and a fully customizable, original protagonist that you create yourself. Between battles, you can have long discussions with all your team members, give them gifts, do various activities with them etc., and all these increase your friendship levels with them (if you played any recent Fire Emblem games, you know what I’m talking about). As for the battles, first I found the luck-based card system a bit frustrating, but I got used to it pretty fast, and in the end, I could even turn up the difficulty. It was really fun – however, I totally understand if this type of gameplay doesn’t appeal to everyone.
Unfortunately, the game was plagued with (mostly) minor bugs that are still not patched to this day. Most of them are simply annoying (framerate issues and lagging here and there, UI glitches, extremely long loading and saving times, achievements not unlocking), but I ran into a few game-breaking ones, as well. It’s a shame, because otherwise I have no complaints: the plot, in my opinion, is better than in any more recent MCU movies/shows or comics, the cast is superb (loved how they mixed widely popular, mainstream characters with lesser-known ones), there are many side activities, and even some replay value if you want to check all the outcomes in some situations, or take a different route while choosing between light and darkness. Graphics and music were OK, too, although nothing groundbreaking.
I, for one, find it terribly sad that we probably won’t get a sequel, I would have loved to see more of The Hunter’s story… Pity.

Not for everyone but give a try if you are a Marvel fan. It is a team-based strategy RPG. Story is interesting but they make you do busy work between campaign missions.

Sinceramente foi uma grata supresa, jogabilidade é bem flúida e bem desafiadora, sofre da sindrome manada de odyssey, pessoal não joga e fica rebaixando o game.
Talvez levar o nome Marvel foi o grande problema, é um jogo de nicho! gosta de turn-rpg? jogo de estrategia? Esse é o seu jogo.
Para quem procura a platina, tem alguns perdiveis de alisar o pet e participar de grupos porém com certo cuidado da pra fazer tudo tranquilo.

Combate divertido.
Com certeza um dos jogos de todos os tempos!

Average Marvel writing aside, this game was surprisingly good, deep enough tactically to keep the intrigue throughout combat encounters with a pretty solid story and a great cast of characters with interactions similar to the Mass Effect games. The writing is pretty poo poo though.

i'm playing as Lord Farquad/Bruno Bucciarati and it's great

I'm surprised, to a degree difficult to be concise upon. I actually tried to cheese the Steam refund policy with this game; playing the game exclusively offline for the first two weeks, very much expecting it to be so bad I'd need to refund it... and now here I stand quite frustrated that my achievements from those initial unrecorded 10+ hours of gameplay are missing. It is not without fault mind you, buggy textures, wobbly writing, they somehow made Blade more annoying than Captain Marvel, weirdness like that. However, the gameplay is really sublime. I originally felt the card format would be a hinderance towards what I was seeing as the main innovation, the lack of tile movement, but have been proven quite wrong. The game so excellently subdues its RNG to a degree quite unlike the former X-COM devs I know and despise, the game plays like a card game of sorts, with the explosive always just off of OTKs you achieve and the deckbuilding I always appreciate. The difficulty scaling is for the most part, rather fantastic, with my current playthrough having just recently reached max difficulty. It's hard to go so in-depth without this all devolving into a bunch of disjointed points so I'll try to give my overall opinion: "It's a pretty good game that is so distinctly of this era. (writing/game design trends) However, where it trend chases, it feels weak, and I feel that it if it focused on the core of the game, it would be significantly better. However on that however, a part of me feels an over-tuned version of what I like in the game, could very likely make another X-COM2. (A game I'm not fond of, but maybe that could have been a good thing for those who do)

An excellent card builder with a deeply wonderful roster of characters, each really allowing you to get to know the people behind them and how their relationships form together. The card system as well is very fun and allows for a lot of good customization.

Take and XCOM and...
- Remove the emergent narrative capabilities.
- Remove permadeath.
- Remove the satisfyingly interlinked visual and mechanical progression.
And add:
- An incredibly cheesy and generic Marvel fixed narrative.
- An MC so uncharismatic it could serve as a template for how not to write custom mcs.
- Real money skins shop.
- A third-person base management and exploration system that is mildly entertaining at best, actively annoying at worst.
- Passable card-game mechanics.
- Collectathons.
- 2012 graphics.
- 2008 morality system.
Terrible game, very disappointing.

only technical problems i came across was the opening credits being super slow to load in, idk what that's about but even then i still wasn't a fan of this one. i dumped three to four weeks of my life into xcom 2 so i was very interested in this, but this game just doesn't stick the landing. 75% of this game just feels like a waste of time, sorry but i'm just not interested in befriending marvel characters with some of the least funny quippy dialogue i've ever heard (seriously if you thought those forspoken scenes were bad, just you wait). when you're not doing socializing with your 'bros', you're playing a lame as fuck card game.
i've definitely got a bias here cause i do not give a shit about deck building. that being said tho, i also despise turn based combat, but xcom had superb customization, fun mechanics, an interesting story, amazing mod support, and a lot of padding to make it something so much more. i was really hoping firaxis would get me to like card game mechanics the same way they got me to like turn-based combat, but i just wasn't having fun. the thing separating the magic the gathering tournament is this 'hang out the house with your buddies' system that just has no soul in any of it. i wasn't remotely interested in ANY of the characters, all of 'em seemed so two-dimensional. plus the actual context on why those specific marvel characters were doing what they were doing felt lackluster. the only one i'd want to hang out with is blade, who's voiced by black dynamite himself, michael jai white.
they even bring back the photo mode from xcom 2 war of the chosen, but it's actually worse! it gives you the option to make comic covers instead of propaganda posters. i fucking love comics and for the most part, it delivers, but guess what, you can't write your own text. you have to pick from a list of marvel comics code authority approved titles, and they're about as lame as it gets.
long story short, card combat isn't very interesting, and neither is the epic wholesome 100 friendship stuff surrounding it. i'm going back to xcom 2

They're cowards for not letting me smooch the hulk

Virgin combate XCOM-like vs Chad shippeos entre Vengadores en clubs de lectura