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Honestly this game super surprised me. I thought i'd like it going in, Marvel meets Xcom style combat but thought the deck building or story would be a bit shallow. Once you're past the long start tutorialising you it's such a great experience. Got a lotta great moments, with great characters, fun combat, a solid gameplay loop, surprising exploration. And the oppurtunity to make my custom player character a massive hottie.

Very fun strategy game with unique mechanics. Story is kinda lackluster but if you can look past some of the cheesy/generic dialogue it isnt bad at all

Excellent Combat and boasts much better writing and VA work than I could have ever expected.
Unfortunately it feels a bit bloated and the strategy layer/deckbuilding mechanics leave a fair amount to be desired, but I can't say that the combat was frequently special and almost as enthralling as Firaxis' masterpiece XCOM2
Easy recommend if you are into tactics games.

I love every 5 minutes of gameplay being interrupted with 30 minutes of teenagers arguing
but there's like 1 minute of Blade butting in every now and then so it's aight sometimes

I finished the main campaign a while ago, but I wanted to wait for all extra content to come out before writing a review – so now that I’m finished with the last(?) DLC mission, it’s finally time.
Without further ado, I can say without a doubt that I haven’t enjoyed a Marvel game this much ever since Marvel’s Spider-Man was released (although Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy came very close). No wonder: Marvel's Midnight Suns combines turn-based tactical role-playing with Marvel characters, and I absolutely love both of those things. Oh, and it’s all sprinkled with dating sim elements (although you can’t actually romance any of the heroes), and a fully customizable, original protagonist that you create yourself. Between battles, you can have long discussions with all your team members, give them gifts, do various activities with them etc., and all these increase your friendship levels with them (if you played any recent Fire Emblem games, you know what I’m talking about). As for the battles, first I found the luck-based card system a bit frustrating, but I got used to it pretty fast, and in the end, I could even turn up the difficulty. It was really fun – however, I totally understand if this type of gameplay doesn’t appeal to everyone.
Unfortunately, the game was plagued with (mostly) minor bugs that are still not patched to this day. Most of them are simply annoying (framerate issues and lagging here and there, UI glitches, extremely long loading and saving times, achievements not unlocking), but I ran into a few game-breaking ones, as well. It’s a shame, because otherwise I have no complaints: the plot, in my opinion, is better than in any more recent MCU movies/shows or comics, the cast is superb (loved how they mixed widely popular, mainstream characters with lesser-known ones), there are many side activities, and even some replay value if you want to check all the outcomes in some situations, or take a different route while choosing between light and darkness. Graphics and music were OK, too, although nothing groundbreaking.
I, for one, find it terribly sad that we probably won’t get a sequel, I would have loved to see more of The Hunter’s story… Pity.