Some random teenage idiotic introvert in Singapore who spends his life wanting to play single player games but ends up playing multiplayer games as a service FPS games instead and says “among us” way too often for people to take him seriously.
Half star: wow what a fucking piece of shit
One star: It's very bad, but not irredeemable.
One star and a half: Well that was bad
Two stars: I mean, there are worse games.
Two stars and a half: well that was medicore.
Three stars: Well, at least I had fun.
Three and a half stars: Ok, that was a good game.
Four stars: What a great game.
Four and a half stars: Oh my god, this game is so fucking good.
Five stars: MASTAHPISS
Do whatever the fuck you want but don’t bring up NBA2K20 around me because you’re bringing up a game that doesn’t exist.
Consoles I can use (backwards compatability merged with the console it’s on): PlayStation 5, gaming PC, Switch, Wii U, Xbox One (in italy tho)
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I bought Violet but just wanted to share a funny story.
Back in around 2015-2017 my dad had this idea of a Pokemon game called Pokemon Scarlet with hyper realistic gore and pokemon getting decapitated and dying, etc etc and it was really funny.
Fast forward to buying the game on the 22nd, I had completely forgotten about it, then when I arrived home my dad reminded me about it.
As for the game itself, framerate aside it’s actually really good so far. Best mainline series game since Gen 5 quite possibly. I honestly haven’t encountered too many bugs so far, maybe I’m just really lucky though

can’t wait to play this shit on the VR headset that kills you in real life if you die in game

Didn’t replay this game, just wanted to keep my old review up because it had so many likes.
Wow. They sure improved a lot on the last 2 splatoons, and that’s saying a lot. Really love all the details in Inkopolis (like for example you can watch Anarchy Splatcast through the studio if you decide to listen to it. Speaking of which you can now listen to the broadcasts instead of being forced to watch them. To add to this, I love how the campaign takes more notes from Octo Expansion than base first 2 games because Octo Expansion was actually great DLC, adds to the lore, adds challenge, and you are now an octoling. And the villain is series best. Not to mention, the online has more improvements such as replays and match history (need to be reminded if SP2 has them) also now it’s easier to find out how to play with your friends.
Overall great game, series best.