The game is overly dark, the crafting is terrible, and the camera sucks.

Crashes incredibly a lot on Steam Deck!

Right away you can tell this is a game made with love for Visual Novels and Horror. From the same devs as Trials of Mana and the Visual Artist of The World Ends with You, this game has a polish unseen like others in the Visual Novel genre.
I can't give away plot spoilers, as this is very much like Doki Doki Literature Club in that you have to -- GO INTO THE GAME AS BLIND AS POSSIBLE --.
With that, happy ressurrecting!
P.S. The game works like a dream on Steam Deck!

Nintendo Switch version was short and sweet!

Weird shoot 'em up from the front view - terribly difficult game! After getting used to shooting and how it works, it can be a lot of fun to get the special guns and take down the baddies, and there's a super meter that fills up over time.
90s weirdness abounds, like aliens and technology that have worked with westerns to basically cover a lot of genre tropes. The final fight is a real crossfire of dodging and getting lucky to win, but you can do it with some good practice.
The ending is nothing to write home about, as this definitely feels like a port of an arcade game.

An excellent card builder with a deeply wonderful roster of characters, each really allowing you to get to know the people behind them and how their relationships form together. The card system as well is very fun and allows for a lot of good customization.

So far, this game feels like it's from a timewarp PS3 from 2012. It's a janky, so bad it's good dialogue game, akin to Deadly Premonition. If you like weird games that have a vibe of "we're doing this thing just to do it", this game is for you. It is by no means an excellent game, just one that is quirky and random.

Switch version still the goat. What an incredible game!

Absolutely fun expansion to the original game, with some good new characters and bosses to fight!

Absolute mastercraft from Uchikoshi, the director of 999 and subsequent games. Great follow up to the first game.

This game has broken AI, the moves do not feel good to execute, and the story is nonexistent. The only thing it has going for it is the sprite work and backgrounds are decent, and the music is serviceable. Definitely play this on the SNES service on Switch with rewind feature.