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The Last of Us Part II
The Last of Us Part II

May 30

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I'm going to be real with you I have an extreme love hate relationship with this game warframe has been something sitting in my back pocket for years at this point starting in 2015 with a PC account that only played up to venus then in 2017 my current MR 27 account on playstation began and the rest is history.
Warframe at core is enjoyable the gunplay and movement has always been insanely satisfying to me (otherwise I wouldn't have invested so much time into the game) but that's not really where my issues began my issues with the game started to crop up around the launch of railjack an update I was pretty excited for, Only to then be met with an update that launched half finished with key features either missing or straight up broken I've never seen such a disaster from a smaller studio before in recent memory and I believe its where my heavy scrutiny for the dev team came from I really do think they have the best of intentions with incredible ambition but they lack the time, budget and ability to meet those ambitions and I truly think this is Warframes biggest hurdle and its potential downfall.
Numerous updates have launched either completely broken or missing features that were promised The old blood was a buggy mess with a grindy main objective that took months of updates to bring to an acceptable state, The Duviri paradox launched with badly explained mechanics and plenty of bugs that ruined the experience and plenty of runs (my favorite was the bug that never loaded the next undercroft stage so you lost all your progress).
I don't believe warframe is a bad game but I do believe the current team needs to re-evulate a lot of their ambitions and current content the fact railjack was touted as a tentpole release only to be met with no additional expansions aside from the already promised corpus railjack proves that they have a strong FOMO mindset in regards to updates and I believe this is what will ruin future updates not the overambition not the general lack of polish the fact they consistently abandon ideas and content in favor of what they perceive to be superior and better for marketing.

Boy this one's been sitting in my backlog for a fucking year now lmao yeah having finally gotten to it i honestly didn't hate it as much as i thought i would, I think whether you'll care for this or not hinges on what you thought of the last game if you were like me and dropped it midway through because of consistent gripes with the game's combat and enemy AI design then you'll probably end liking this part II fixes a lot of my issues with the first game and turns it into a decent ultraviolence guerrilla warfare simulator.
As for the story i uh didn't particularly care for it but its simple enough so don't try to overthink it because you won't find any deeper meaning.

Village is what i'd call an ideas game it has plenty of ideas to throw around but it also doesn't extrapolate or develop any of them what village basically equates to is a 9 hour on rails shooter with different set dressings to fit an idea
"what if lycans"
"What if castle with vampires"
"what if factory with bio-mechanical monsters"
All of these set dressings are way too short as well.
The set pieces in general too are greatly formulaic and lack any sort of concrete gimmick what every area amounts to is
-scripted encounter with main boss
-barebones exploration for 5 minutes
-progress through area fighting bullet sponge enemies
-fight boss at the end that plays like a personified scooby doo chase
nothing better describes this lack of expansion more then the doll house everyone describes it as "the scariest part of RE8" But what it actually amounts to is a boring puzzle with a death stranding fetus baby chase at the end that's easily avoided and then a LITERAL scooby doo chase bossfight at the end.
As for the VR2 port which i played it through its a very good port some of the weapon mechanics felt odd as someone who is right handed (F2 rifle especially felt odd and half the time i would accidently grab the gun again instead of pulling the bolt back) and the cutscenes are inconsistent they can't really force the player to look where they want you to so you end up accidentally seeing a ton of things too early before the scripts trigger (the scene in the castle where your hand gets cut off you can see lady d clip into existence through a wall lol).
In general though the experience was worth the price of admission with the headset even though i wish the experience contained within was for a much better game hopefully the upcoming REmake4 VR version is better.