I think I'll add this to the long list of games that I can only enjoy with friends after putting about 20 hours or so into the single player.


I appreciate any game that demands I fill out full pages of notes and use phone screenshots for its puzzles.
Combat is super wonky but that's what the "Play The Game For Me" button is for, so I was able to not let it get in the way.

I think there should be a feature in this game where, if you attempt to skip any of the cut scenes where you feed the animals, 15,000 volts of electricity is funneled directly out of the controller, upon which the cut scene will immediately restart.

When this game is released, I will erect a shrine in Jett Dawson's name and pray to it before every play session.

I played as a Gay Fridge summoning Shenron with the Dragon Balls on top of a Gamecube.
This might be the best thing that ever happened, really brings me back to the MUGEN days.

The idea of this going from a competitive visual novel to a cooperative visual novel is so neat, and it leads to a lot of shared laughter and strategizing.
The writing is exactly the same as it was, so-cringe-that-it's-amazing, and I wouldn't have it any other way goddamnit!

My thoughts about this game exceed any word limit that could possibly exist, so to avoid a Ten Million Paragraph Andy, I'll just leave it at this:
Sonic Frontiers is a dumpster fire, and several parts of this game made me bleed out the eyeballs, but everything this game does right felt like it was designed specifically to extract as much positive emotion as possible from me, and whether any of you will feel the same is something that will only be decided upon playing the game.

It's amazing that a game that released in 2010 which was met with critical acclaim for its amazing campaign, including an ending that stands as one of the most influential video game finales at least in this decade, has existed for more than a decade with constant streams of positive reception, yet somehow I still really do believe that NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE have talked about this one.

I can't wait for when they release the Neon White But-Better-In-Every-Way version where it's just the levels and nothing else.

The art style, music, and concept of this game is GOAT'd.
The game itself makes my brain bleed.

One of the few games I've played where whenever a gameplay section is presented to me, my first thought is, "When is the next cutscene?"

Y'know, in the actual TTRPG's that I've played, anytime I have ever tried disarming an enemy by knocking the gun out of their hand, I would roll a 1, flipping the gun into the air where it would smack into the ceiling, firing a bullet that ricochets off of a conveniently placed metal sheet and hits me in the testicle.
That doesn't happen in Citizen Sleeper, and while at first I was going to complain that this game doesn't have any teeth, I grew to love it the way that it is.

This review contains spoilers

So this is mostly going into the singleplayer campaign, as I have played a good chunk of the multiplayer but I don't have as much to say about it. I find it very fun with friends, not something I have any intention of playing on my own. I'm also very bad at Splatoon so I don't think that aspect helps much either.
But I would still say the multiplayer is the majority of stars in this rating.
The singleplayer would switch intermittently between painfully boring and incomprehensibly frustrating. The level gimmicks do not feel as interesting or inspired as they were in the Octo Expansion, and it was more concerned with making use of some of the new exclusive Splatoon 3 items like the grappling hook, most of which I do not find smooth to use at all.
I do like how most of the levels are optional, because by the end of the game I had enough eggs to skip an entire world and that was nice. The music pales in comparison once again to Octo-Expansion, and the final act is the weakest so far in the whole series.
It really just feels like a check in a box before going to the multiplayer, and expelled no emotions from me whatsoever, that is except the piece of shit levels which give you one checkpoint for a 5-minute slog where if you miss one box or target, you're back to the beginning again.
I'm realizing after this game that as much as I want to be, I'm not a huge Splatoon guy. I have an infinite amount of respect for this series, but maybe it may be best if I steer clear of Splatoon 4.

This used to be my favorite, what the fuck was I smoking?

This review contains spoilers

I have to review this now because I don't know if we'll beat this final boss before 2023 and I am NOT holding this game in limbo until then it's just ridiculous the shit they expect you to pull off, dodging 3 types of projectiles while accounting for gravity and an insane health bar, this might be the most difficult boss in the entire game and we've barely made it halfway through after several hours, game's a masterpiece