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A little biased since classic Mega Man and Shovel Knight are some of my favorite games ever, but Bat Boy is another amazing retro indie title that fits right into that camp, and is just as good as Shovel Knight - if not better.

Bat Boy follows the same structure as Shovel Knight where you given paths to tackle levels in various orders, each with a distinctly themed level and a great bossfight at the end. The heavy Mega Man influence is around the theming of the bosses/levels where Mega Man has various robot bosses with an element (e.g. fire, water) and a corresponding theme for their level (e.g. Volcano, beach) - whereas Bat Boy's bosses and levels are all themed around a different sport (e.g. Tennis, Soccer). This is such a cool concept as the character you play as, Bat Boy, would be the "robot master" of baseball and you'll have to conquer each level/boss of a different kind of sport. It is an amazing concept and it is executed very well.

Gameplay-wise, it is much much closer to Shovel Knight as it is melee focused alongside having some abilities that use a magic bar. You even have an aerial attack that bounces you off enemies, just like Ducktales/Shovel Knight. If you have played Shovel Knight, this game feels no different - and I mean that as a compliment since the controls/gameplay of Shovel Knight is designed so well, I don't mind it being ripped off in other games.

Level design is pretty much perfect where it felt challenging at all times, but never unfair. The checkpoints are placed nicely throughout the levels. There is so much incentive to explore the levels as you can find many upgrades for your health and magic bar. The hidden upgrades are never too tricky to find and you can usually find them on your first playthrough of a level, if you are the type to look at every nook and cranny of the stage.

Similar to Mega Man and Shovel Knight as well (as if everything in this game is not similar) is the feature to equip a boss move after you defeat them. I especially like it in this game since each move has a theme of a different sport. Like there's a boss move that will have you throwing basket balls, or launching tennis balls that allow you to do a double jump. It's much more interesting than just having a weapon around a theme of an element (the fire attack, the ice attack).
The cool thing is, unlike Mega Man and Shovel Knight, rather than having to go and equip the boss weapon to use it, ALL boss weapons are permanently integrated into you moveset at all times. So by the end of the game, you will have every single boss move on your fingertips ready to use at all times by pressing it's assigned button, as long as you have magic.

I didn't expect Bat Boy to be this good. Usually there is buzz around games like these such high buzz Gravity Circuit got, but for some reason I didn't hear about this game till recently so I was quite surprised when I started playing it. If you are a fan of games like classic Mega Man, Shovel Knight, Gravity Circuit etc etc Please go and play this game. You are doing yourself a great disservice and missing out on what could be one of your favorite games ever.

While the first Wario Land game was just a heavier, slower-paced Mario platformer which I really enjoyed, Wario Land II does it's own thing by becoming a puzzle/adventure game with platforming elements that feels like a great idea, but with the way the structure of the game works, the execution could have been better.

With this being an adventure game, you cannot die. Levels being designed as a point A to B with platforming challenges are gone and now you're given bigger open maze-like levels with branching paths to find treasures and coins before reaching the goal of the level. What brings this closer to an adventure game is that you cannot die. Enemies are just an obstacle that inconvenience you and sometimes make you lose coins if they attack you. Coins are needed to unlock treasures and the map which is only required if you want to go for the 100% - which is the big problem of this game.

Pretty much the only way you can enjoy this game is if you do go for the 100%, because if you just go straight for reaching the goals, then there is no challenge or obstacle, which makes it extremely boring. There's no point of dodging enemies to save your coins since you won't be getting treasures, and you can just brute force your way through everything. There's no point to exploring since the only reward from exploring is more coins and treasures. So yeah, if you aren't going for the 100%, basically you are emitting everything that makes this game enjoyable.

Besides that my other big issue is just the level design and structure. When going for the 100%, you need to find the treasure room which can be easily missed if you don't go search every nook and cranny of the level, and sometimes you can accidently reach the goal and miss the treasure which you'll need to start the whole level again to get. And some of these levels are just super frustrating as some of these enemies massively inconvenience you having you repeat sections over and over again.

One thing I like that Wario Land II does achieve is the charm of Wario. I think this is the first game where Wario's greedy disgusting personality shines and you can see it through all the animations, cutscenes and situations he is placed in. The charm is great and you can see why Wario has a lot of fans as a character. This is clearly something they keep up with the Wario games going forward.

I first enjoyed what Wario Land II had going for it. But once I almost everything in this game is designed to inconvenience you and waste your time, it left a bad taste in my mouth by the time I finished it. I don't mind the puzzle/adventure-ness of the game, but I just hope it can be executed much better in the later games. I can still see why a lot of people really enjoyed this one, but it's not for me.

Treasure return to the genre that put them on the map with Gunstar Heroes, the run and gun side-scroller. This time with a new IP and gameplay mechanics that are so ahead of their time, it genuinely surprised me with how good they were.

Alien solider has so many mechanics that gamers love in modern day action games, I'm sure plenty of them were inspired by Alien Soldier. As a base, the game feels at home if you've played Gunstar Heroes. You start a level by selecting 4 of 6 different shot types to bring into a level, such as Rapid, Homing etc that you would see in Gunstar. This time however, rather than having a long level followed by a boss at the end, you have many very short levels that can take 10-30 seconds to complete with a bossfight at the end. Having said that, this is more considered a boss rush similar to something like Cuphead.

What makes Alien Soldier so good as a boss rush run n gun is the aforementioned mechanics that make this so deep. One of the first and best mechanics I want to bring up is the parry mechanic. You can only parry projectiles, but parrying these gives you health most of the time - which plays into the second mechanic, the dash. The dash is pretty much a dodge with i-frames which you will be using most of the time, but also with the added kick that if you are at full health, your dash becomes a burst which can take a nice chunk out of the boss' health. This is why you wanna keep up the parries to keep your health at maximum and use the burst dash. Aside from this loop, you also have the standard run and gun mechanics that are also deep since bosses now have weak points, and they are weaker to certain weapons more than others. This introduces a new strategy to always mix up your weapon choices that way you can find the best weakness for a boss.

These are the main mechanics but there's also many little different ones like stance changing, double jumping, ceiling walking etc etc etc that make this so deep and give it a high skill ceiling. The game can get REALLY challenging at times, but you are given unlimited continues, and the levels are so short that it's very forgiving. There's also an easy mode that I recommend on the first try just to ease you into the mechanics.

If you really like games like Cuphead, or even Platinum character action games, I highly recommending going back and giving Alien Solider a try as it shocks me that a Sega Genesis game has so many deep mechanics for a run n gun that easily makes it one of the best boss rushes I have ever played.