Incredibly fun game! I nearly forgot to log it, though- from how short it is. But I feel this shortness is one of it's strengths! It's a fun, condensed story that made me appreciate Luigi and Mario's funny brother dynamic more. The battling is SOOOO fun and the theme got stuck in my head.

I liked it! Felt like there wasn't much to do once my journey was done, though. LOVED the camping, although I miss being able to pet my pokemon. I think they should spend several years and years making pokemon games instead of crunching them out. Completed it very quickly surprisingly enough.

very fun, and i played the ogs! i feel some of the story changes were unnecessary or were not elaborated on like they would have been in the original titles! would love another game that continues the story with both the og and ultra's lore!

fun little beat-em-up with cute art and satisfying fights, but it felt very short- 'cuz it was!

Wonderfully done cut-scenes and voice acting (Layton's voice is sooo~ cute <3) that totally sold and enriched the story for me! Loved the challenge provided by many of the puzzles.

incredible music, condensed storyline, and fun and colorful characters! an eventful night of ghost tricks!

i felt playing the original would have been more enjoyable, and i feel the first game in the series (Also played on the 3ds) set my expectations a little too high. felt very padded out.


Amazing ride, riiight up until you hit the 'tribal stage'. Literally something about the game turning into a survival and creature evolution experience, to suddenly being a civilization management game really stops a lot of the steam...

Building SPACE TRAINS as vehicles is always fun, I suppose. I like traveling the stars, too... Can we skip from the creature stage all the way to the space stage?

I couldn't have a dog, so I was given Nintendogs! Cute, wonderful little game to relax and unwind with, and I still play with my puppies on a rainy day.

The microphone can be tricky when you want to teach them tricks, though. Sometimes, I just use voice recordings to keep it consistent!

Played it with my little cousins at their request. Was miserable the entire time. People actually play this for fun?

I didn't need the exercise, it was just plain fun! I loved biking around the island the most; I'd register my cat on the board, so she can run around with me as I go explore wildly off course.

Fun selection of mini games, some are more "fit" for working out than others. I especially liked that stepping in time and parade game!~ ♡

Oh, I played this all the time as a little one! If the internet went out, you KNOW we were going to Purble Place to cook cakes in the kitchen.

I believe there was also a matching memory game?... And some other third... dress up game? I was mostly enthralled by the cakes, to be honest.

Great game, simple but very replayable premise. Does anyone know how to not explode and lose instantaneously on the first click?

Some of the most fun I've had in a 3d Mario game! The platforming challenges you could find if you trod off the main path were fun and rewarding to pull off.

I played this back in 2010! An interesting, unique flash-based MMO. Exploits, hacking, and rule-breaking were RAMPANT! But we were pretty free.

A very fun and creative place to have spent my time. I still go back there, sometimes- you'd just have to download the client after making an account, now.