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Trombone Champ
Trombone Champ

Sep 29

Yeah! You Want "Those Games", Right? So Here You Go! Now, Let's See You Clear Them!
Yeah! You Want "Those Games", Right? So Here You Go! Now, Let's See You Clear Them!

Sep 28

Smushi Come Home
Smushi Come Home

Sep 27

LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval's Journey
LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval's Journey

Sep 26

Pilotwings Resort
Pilotwings Resort

Sep 25

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I poured hours and hours into FeralHeart in 2014-2016, and it was an important part of my childhood. I was excited when I found out there was a remake. I checked it out today and was unfortunately very disappointed.
It really doesn't seem like this game is being maintained. I could not for the life of me find the rules, as the rules page is just a link to their Discord that has been dead for months. Many of the game's social media pages are empty or deactivated as well.
The character creator is a lot of fun and adds more depth and customization options that were missing in the original FeralHeart. Once I made my character and got into the game, I quickly discovered that it's dead. I checked almost every map and found a grand total of two people, both in Fluorite Plains.
The map is absurdly massive, so I only found one of these people, and they were doing the exact same thing as me - checking all the maps that were popular back in the day (Fluorite Plains, Ficho Tunnel, and Bonfire Island) in search of people. Once we reached Bonfire Island, we both disconnected.
After this experience, I checked to see how many people were online in the original Feralheart - six. Back when I played it as a kid, there would regularly be between 80 and 200 people online.
The original FeralHeart has barely changed since back then (except in 2016/17 when all the beloved, familiar maps were replaced with new ones nobody cared for...what a brilliant idea). I guess the lesson here is that FeralHeart just doesn't have much to draw people in today. It makes me sad to see that almost nobody plays this game, but there are many more options today, and it will take more than new character models and NPCs with the most basic fetch quests imaginable to bring in new players and bring old players back.
(Can someone point me towards an online furry game that people are actually playing?)

i thought this game's graphics were photorealistic and mindblowing when i was a kid
"let's make a racing game where you shake the wii remote to move, and shaking it harder makes you go faster! it's a great idea and it won't murder people's arms!!!"

i'm still bitter about this game being too difficult for 5-year-old me to figure out