I fell in love with Dragon Quest at a young age with DQIX. They announced this game not too long after, and I was crazy excited for it - but I didn't really understand that it was a remake of a Super Famicom game, so when the day finally came, I was a little let down by the lack of a character creator and the "downgrade" to first person battles with sprite graphics. I dropped the game for a few months, came back to it on a random night and got absolutely sucked in. Something just clicked - the dream world plot was so mysterious, I realized how huge and grand the world was, and the class system proved to be addicting.

I still have so many moments from this game permanently ingrained in my mind and I plan to replay it again soon. The evil world you visit in that final stretch of the game was so immersive and the whole summoning scene where a demon demolishes a castle blew my mind. Gradually coming to love this game's older style was probably the beginning of my descent into dungeon crawlers

I've scarcely felt so undecided on a game, this is genuinely an oddball experience. This is basically a retelling of Evangelion but in game form. The cutscenes and sound have incredible quality, but actually playing it - crazy shit. The first couple of stages set you up to think this is a 3D fighter as you control Eva 01 and fight angels, but just as soon as you get used to that, you're slapped in the face by an 8 second mission where you're fighting with the controls trying to aim a missile. Then you're mashing buttons hard enough to give yourself an aneurysm as you chase down Jet Alone - and then its a fucking rhythm game with Asuka. Your head will be spinning, but not for long, because you can clear this entire thing in like an hour. Is it even fair to call this a game? It feels more like something you'd play with at a museum exhibit

This is basically a game where you are paid to ruin Venezuela, you straight up drop orbital nukes and carpet bomb the cities and nobody really cares. All because some rich guy took over the government or something and shot you in the left ass cheek. Something of note is that you choose from three fully voiced characters at the very start of the game which adds slight replay value

I think often about how this game takes place over like a day and half. usually when i hit the gym i can handle like an hour or so of lifting, and then im spent for the day. i think after the del lago fight if i was leon i'd throw up and try to walk back home

vivid memories of laying alone in the dark listening to sum 41 on my DS. this was my ipod and it got me through the most evil trials of my life

i had a song from this game stuck in my head for around 18 years and finally found it the other day

i was a well-behaved kid, i never swore or anything around adults and stayed out of trouble. one day a deep darkness swirled within me while playing super scribblenauts, and i walked up to my dad with the game. this was the one where they added adjectives, so once he was looking, i typed "Big Fat Ass" with the stylus and spawned a large donkey. never seen him laugh so much in my life

this is going to sound hyper specific but i have a ton of nostalgia for letting the dog intentionally eat garbage outside, then going into the status menu and reading what exactly the garbage was, because it told you for some reason. great game

I was extremely surprised to click the page for this and find that Schuld has mostly negative reviews. This is a very short German RPG Maker game that mimics Inferno by Mr. Alighieri, but I always found it pretty imaginative. It takes place in a modern apocalyptic society where cigarettes are money, you're dodging weird bandits and Biblical figures, it's a strange game. It's definitely corny overall and the gore is kind of cheesy. You've also got an ending that is extremely cliche, but for like a 45 minute game you could do way worse.

One of the first games I played that showed me you could have fun in this world without killing. After playing every call of duty and assassins creed known to mankind, my mind had experienced several lifetimes worth of trauma and decided it was time to retire on the farm. Genuinely a beautiful and serene experience

more like Spyro 2: Rip My Balls Off because this shit is great. these were the best days of my life, when i loved playing outside more than anything else and having to come in and play spyro was like a worst case scenario. i didnt know how good i had it back then

many happy songs performed beautifully, though sometimes i think there is a profound sadness in her heart

A lot of people shit on this game but this was the second coming of Christ for me. I built like thirty thousand cars and helicopters in every conceivable shape and size, this was Garry's Mod to me before I knew it existed. That skeleton guy talks your ear off too, I played it so much he was basically my dad for a while

In the early 2000s I would spend summers with my grandparents who lived pretty far from me. My grandfather loved toys and video games, and had a pretty huge collection built up over the years of consoles - and that's how I spent my early childhood with stuff like the Intellivision and Atari Jaguar. Utopia is one of the first "city builders" to exist, and on top of that, it supports two players. Player 1 gets the island on the left, Player 2 gets the island on the right. You can passively build your wealth by planting crops and hoping for a rain cloud to come by, and you can get your hands dirty and buy a boat which you can use to chase after schools of fish. After you rack up enough money, you can place buildings, which don't do much other than increase your score. This is basically the entire game, rinse and repeat - and I absolutely love it. You barely need to pay attention to it and it's endlessly relaxing. The game lets you decide how long each "round" lasts and we'd always crank it up to the highest and just shoot the shit.

EU4 is one of those games where there's so much shit you can do it feels nearly impossible to understand everything. I had a phase where I got heavily invested in it and spent like a hundred hours on one save trying to unify Europe. Eventually I got myself into this unwinnable war and was subsequently destroyed. I still remember feeling genuine anguish at the loss, I think I stared at the wall in my room for a really long time afterwards