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I went through so much effort to get this game. I had it pre-ordered for months and the store sold my copy on release day, so I drove to another place across town to get it - and it's not that great, in fact, I never finished it. There are some shining moments here and there (the asylum level) but it largely feels like a watered down Dishonored. You can watch people have sex through a keyhole though

Brink provided me the experience of buying a 60 cent physical copy from Gamestop. This was back in around 2013 or 2014, so the game wasn't even that old - this shit bombed hard. I love TF2 and Counter Strike so I gave this game a chance, and for the price I guess it was alright. It feels pretty barebones and lacks much personality, but the gameplay is fine. They hype up this parkour running system, but again, it's just kinda okay. Overall Brink is mediocre across the board - I'm glad I paid 60 cents instead of 60 dollars.

These games were a huge hit in my elementary school friend group because you had to eat food and could set up tents. Even back in the early 2000s kids were clamoring for games with tacked on survival mechanics. Playing Cabela's Dangerous Hunts feels like wandering an empty Battlefield map where you are occasionally jumpscared by a bear. It's cool that these "realistic" simulations exist for enthusiasts but there's so much downtime in this game you might as well just walk around in the woods in real life instead.