God tier game
Masterfully combines a variety of genres to create the pinnacle of immersive sim.

Metroid Prime? more like Metroid Premium
This game is a masterpiece.
Gorgeous varied world with badass music and great atmosphere and immersion, top class level design, the progression feels rewarding and the gameplay is fun.
The peak of the franchise imho and with this remaster you have no excuse of not playing it.

Best Survival-Horror Game of All Time

For me this is the best MGS and still to this day, it just needs a modern remake.

Milestone achievement in gaming.

The weakest Witcher entry as of today, its less immersive and atmospheric than Witcher 1 and plays worse than Witcher 3, but the best thing about it is the main story and Flotsam arc which is among the best arcs in the franchise.

Fantastic game from one of the my favorite series, immersive atmosphere with rich worldbuilding and memorable and well directed quests, likable characters, fun gameplay, gorgeous world and awesome music.

Almost perfect but i wish it had some neat puzzles