Favorite Part: The Boss fights were phenomenal, in particular the final boss fight.
Least Favorite: Elun. Felt really creepy at first, but got capped off by a disappointing boss fight.

Favorite Part: Hunting with the SV Squad <3
Least Favorite: Fuck Khezu. All Khezus must die.

Favorite Part: Hunting with the SV Squad <3
Least Favorite: Anomaly Quests don't feel as interesting or fun as Frenzied monsters from the older games.


Favorite Part: The sheer amount of different dialogues occur across all your runs. Feels like no matter how many times I win or die, the world keeps changing around me.
Least Favorite: The poisonous satyr enemies in the last area who can hit you before you even register what's happening.

Favorite Part: The Blade Bearer and Cannoneer boss fight. This game's version of O&S and imo just as good as that fight.
Least Favorite: Getting lost for hours in the Cathedral of the Sacred Blood.

Favorite Part: The animations are phenomenal. Clearly so much love and care was put into making them look as good as they do, especially the spell animations.

Favorite Part: The entire opening sequence in Rhodes. Really epic and set the tone for the game well.
Least Favorite: Fighting gorgons. They're even worse in this game because there's a variant that can instantly petrify you unless you parry them.

Favorite Part: Pandora's Temple. Truly an amazing dungeon all the way through. Great challenge, great lore, great puzzles.
Least Favorite: Fighting gorgons. Easily the most annoying enemy in the game, especially in groups of other enemies.

Favorite Part: The boss fights, in particular the fights against the Renan Lords, were all fantastic.
Least Favorite: Once you're done with a region, you're DONE with a region. Everything feels so episodic and not really interconnected like in previous Tales games.

Favorite Part: The prison break scene at the end of Chapter 5. Whoever made that sequence deserves a god damn academy award.
Least Favorite: Zeon's mastery quest where you have to plant potatoes. Goes on forever and is super boring.

Favorite Part: Just the overall vibe of the world. Been a while since I've played a game where I just find myself fantasizing about the setting.
Least Favorite: The sheer amount of useless bullshit in the overworld. There are items hidden all over the place and probably 95% of them are completely useless.

Favorite Part: Actually bonding with your party members, in particular Kalden.
Least Favorite: The crappy, crappy combat.

Favorite Part: The moment where Serenoa renounces the scales where you actually have to use your brain and come up with a logical solution to his problem, based off of what you've learned about the world and it's political structure. Hope more JRPGs do something like this in the future.
Least Favorite: The big "twist" in the story that I literally called in the first 10 mins of the game.

Favorite Part: Pretty much all of the legacy dungeons were fantastic. I'll give the crown to Stormveil Castle, but they were all amazing.
Least Favorite: Fighting my umpteenth Erdtree Avatar.

Favorite Part: The God-tier soundtrack
Least Favorite: The entire "B" route.