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Fetch Quest. Return to the Waking Sands. Fetch Quest. Return to the Waking Sands. Fetch Quest. Return to the Waking Sands. Fetch Quest. Return to the Waking Sands. That is 80% of ARR. The story is totally unremarkable and the cutscenes are painfully dull especially with only a small handful having voice acting. The gameplay (as a monk at least) was mind-numbing and I just had to press my 3 attack skills in order over and over again and occasionally move out of orange squares. The game looks good and runs well and the dungeons were pretty decent thanks to the multiplayer component and slight increase in complexity for the fights. I genuinely think it would vastly improve the game if they straight up removed everything that isn't a dungeon. It is pretty awful design though to require queuing for story trials that no other player has any reason to replay. I guess next I'll see if it truly does get better 100 hours in.

There's "hard" and then there's "I feel like my controller isn't working."
There's "hard" and then there's "requiring such pixel-perfect precision that you're just going to be stuck."
I like hard games, but this didn't feel hard to me, it felt shitty.



SFX is great, the graphics are outstanding for a ps2 and etc.
But the gameplay aged like milk out of the fridge

AI: The Somnium Files - Nirvana Initiative is the perfect example of why not every game forcibly needs a sequel just because the first one did good.
I absolutely loved the first title. It’s very close to be a masterpiece to me. I rated that game a 4.5/5 (=9/10).
Its sequel, though? No thanks. I originally shelved it a few days ago, because it failed to thrill me, although the introduction was really good! But the case ended up being way less personal than the Cyclops Killings and it ignored a bit too much from the first game. At the beginning, the game asks you if you’re familiar with the first game and even if you say “yes”, Date appears as Saito Sejima, so he does not have his original body. The explanation for that is omega stupid. As I said, the story did not captivate me even a little.
I also hate how linear Nirvana Initiative is. When I shelved it, I just thought it is only like that with Ryuki’s past six years ago (because you can’t change his past like that, it already happened). But after taking it from the shelve and playing Mizuki’s path, I was just shocked. It’s still linear. The somniums are still linear and god, I hate how overloaded the somniums are now, even with the AI balls. No, I don’t want to explore every corner after every lock, just to make sure I don’t miss an AI ball. This is not Assassin’s Creed Unity.
Also, The likeable characters from the first game do not play a big role this time… which wouldn’t be a bad thing if the new characters were likeable, but Jesus Christ, fvck, they’re the most unlikeable characters I’ve encountered in a very long time. Kizuna and Lien especially. First one is a classist piece of trash and Lien is nothing but a damn groomer. What are the writers trying to tell me? Also, I don’t particularly hate Ryuki, but the trailers promised Mizuki and I didn’t get nearly as much Mizuki as I wanted. I didn’t really need Ryuki.
And while the first game was on constant horny mode, the sequel carries the horny to the extreme and I think it was unnecessary and way too unsubtle. Playing (not even just touching) with a statue’s wiener? Really? Tama being basically a dominatrix? It went from unsubtle horny mode to ugh.
And honestly, they could’ve SPARED me with the tamagotchi thing. I know it’s optional and I can turn it off, but as someone who is a completionist, it’s just annoying popping up every 20 minutes. The options between “complete the game and get annoyed or enjoy the game, but don’t complete it” is just bad design at this point.
To me, this is just a bad game. And I’m glad I’m able to ultimately drop games!

No game truly uses the medium of video games quite like this game does.
Now if only it didn't use the medium to replicate the way I felt when I worked at an Amazon warehouse for 11 hours a day for a month.

Wrapped up my playthrough on The Forgotten City (via Game pass) and I have to say....I don't quite get why this has "overwhelmingly positive" reviews. My current assumption is that it's either because its a non-combat focused game or based on time-travel which automatically makes it deep. ;).
I mostly feel like I stumbled into places and solutions entirely by accident. I somehow got to Ending #2 (there are four endings) without seeing the first one and it was just over. And that's right after it introduces a major character and I'm just going "uhh....what just happened?". It wasn't satisfying.
I thought the conversation system was going to be deeper but it's...not. Listen to everyone talk about everything and eventually you'll progress forward. Occasionally you'll run into roadblocks but they're spelled out hard and if you still fuck up...just rewind time and everyone forgets how you insulted their mothers. This might have been forgivable if the characters were at least interesting or memorable but this is one of those "deep" games where everyone eventually turns out to be The True Asshole(TM). (Gods I am so tired of this).
When I got to the second ending, the Big Plot Twist was so hilariously spelled out by the game that despite it expecting you to be Surprised Pikachu Face, I just rolled my eyes.
Doesn't help that a lot of the voice acting in the game is delivered a bit on the flat side. Several particularly "dramatic" scenes were undercut because it sounded like I was voice acting then and trying to add emotion and failing.
That all being said, the game is very pretty and the location is well built and interesting to explore. The philosophical/political discussion isn't that bad but its just undercut several times. So it just comes off as unearned lecturing. Once I hit ending #2, I just was done. They clearly wanted me to go for the final, final ending but I just don't care at this point about any of them. This isn't a bad game, but its definitely not my favorite of the year. Not even top 10.

Apologies it's been like 6 years since I played this so memory might not be ideal but i picked something at random to review and landed on this special little oddity. my b.
Ace Attorney but soulless. Apollo Justice for six-year-olds. Dual Destinies is many things but more than anything it is a befuddling, redundant and aimless mess paradoxically penned by the braintrust behind one the best games in the series.
The constant repetition of its themes will grate on you and do nothing but bore into your head the phrase 'The Dark Age of the Law' which the game simply does not stop repeating for its entirety. It really feels like it was written by a team that mistook the earlier installments' goofiness for corniness, their wit for simplicity and their earnesty for childishness.
And still the most absurd part of this entire mess is that all of it comes in the form of a product rated M for Mature. Capcom is simultaneously trying to retain the attention of the supposed six-year-olds in its audience AND also market Dual Destinies as the most adult Ace Attorney yet, with plenty of fanservice to please the vocal minority of yee yee ass old-timers who pissed their breeches over the sidelining of Phoenix in Apollo. Needless to say, all of this is just beyond aimless and shows a deep-rooted insecurity that would go on to thoroughly infest the spirit of this game's sequel.

I had more fun when leaving the title screen on in the background than reading it

🔲 My grandma could play it
🔲 Easy
☑️ Normal
🔲 Hard
🔲 Dark Souls
🔲 MS Paint
🔲 Bad
🔲 Meh
🔲 Graphics dont matter in this game
☑️ Good
🔲 Beautiful
🔲 Masterpiece
🔲 Bad
🔲 Not special
🔲 Good
☑️ Beautiful
🔲 This game has no story
☑️ It's there for the people who want it
🔲 Well written
🔲 Epic story
🔲 You choose your fate
🔲 Free
🔲 Underpriced
🔲 Perfect Price
🔲 Could be cheaper
🔲 Overpriced
☑️ Complete waste of money
🔲 You can run it on a microwave
☑️ Average
🔲 High end
🔲 NASA computer
🔲 Very Short (0 - 3 hours)
🔲 Short (3 - 15 hours)
☑️ Average (15-50 hours)
🔲 Long (50-90 hours)
🔲 Extremely long (90-110 hours)
🔲 No ending
~ FUN ~
☑️ I'd rather watch paint dry
🔲 Hard to enjoy
🔲 Repetitive
🔲 Actually pretty amusing
🔲 Ride of your life
🔲 It's a one-time experience
🔲 Only for achievements
☑️ If you wait a few months/years
🔲 Definitely
🔲 Infinitely replayable
☑️ No
🔲 Wait for sale
🔲 Yes

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