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“Despite everything, it’s still you.”
I thought was going to be good, great even… but it wasn’t…
It was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had, and i’m convinced it has changed who I am as a person.
The story is fascinating, and makes me feel every emotion known to man, the humor is great, and I laughed quite a bit, the characters are memorable, and wonderfully quirky, AND THE MUSIC IS GENUINELY THE GREATEST SOUNDTRACK FOR ANY VIDEO GAME EVER.
I played through the pacifist route, which was a little difficult at times, but rewarded me with the best ending of any video game ever, it really was the beautiful cherry on top of a perfect sundae.
The ONLY problem this game has is its length, I beat it in roughly 5-6 hours, although I can definitely excuse it’s length, as it was made by one person, and also, Deltarune exists, so I’ll be getting more of this fascinating world Toby Fox has created, with (hopefully) more to come.

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Meh, I had a decent time playing it, it can definitely be pretty corny/cheesy at times, but usually in a good way.
It’s clearly low budget (you can tell by the facial animations), but it was a small group of people making the game, so I won’t hold it against them or anything.
The main issues I have with the game are the bugs, including some annoying visual ones, and some stuttering and fps drops on PS5. The main story’s length is another big one, as it’s only around 3 hours long. Although it does have some replay value, I doubt I’ll be revisiting it in the future.
I romanced Andrew, and I got the “good” ending, which was nice.
Overall, It’s a fun little murder mystery/cleaning simulator, nothing especially interesting, but it’s still a fun little mystery.

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“It’s not a loop, it’s a spiral…”
What did any of that mean? I’ve got no fucking idea.
Was it good? Absolutely.
They have improved on the original Alan Wake from 2010 in almost every single way. The graphics are very impressive, especially those facial animations, the writing is fantastic, And the game mechanics feel very satisfying to use, especially the ones you use to solve puzzles.
There are very few negatives I can think of, but there are a couple. There are some bugs here and there, including some very annoying audio ones, and occasionally some during combat. Speaking of combat, it’s definitely been improved, but there’s not necessarily a HUGE difference. I was playing on normal mode, and it’s definitely easier than the first game, but it can get annoying fighting in tight spaces where you can get backed into corners easily.
Occasionally, i’d also find my self getting lost around certain areas like Cauldron Lake, but I think that’s more of a me problem, as I’m not the best with navigation. Those are really my only negatives, nothing too big, just some areas for improvement here and there.
I cannot wait for the DLC to come out, and am excited to find out what Remedy’s plans are for this universe, as there still seems to be A LOT to still be explored.