I love metroidvanias and platformers way too much. What can I say, they are what I was raised on.

My ratings:

5 Stars: A masterpiece. Everything it attempts is done in a great way.

4 Stars: Very good. Really enjoyed multiple aspects and the game as a whole.

3 Stars: A fine game. Enjoyed it while it lasted, maybe got bored before it was done, but enjoyed the experience overall. Alternatively, perhaps the game had good ideas but just wasn't for me.

2 Stars: Bad. Did not finish and do not want to. Waste of time.

1 Star: Atrocious. How did anyone think this was ok to release in any form?

In my reviews, I try to touch on gameplay, story,
characters, art, and music and give them each individually a rating of Bad (★), Okay (★★), Good (★★★), Great (★★★★), or Excellent (★★★★★).
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Pretty fun Towerfall-like (quick arena vs combat party game) that makes you a starship pilot instead of an archer.

Free via Epic.

A good Vampire Survivors-like experience (Survivor genre?) but in this one you actually do actively aim and fire your weapon. I find that this way is more engaging and I enjoyed 20 Minutes but it is let down my its monochromatic color scheme. While it looks cool, it not only gets boring after a while but also makes it difficult to differentiate between enemies and friendly projectiles/summons.

Received free from Epic

I found it difficult to understand what made things good or bad. Felt like I was just arbitrarily messing with sliders and waiting around to see if I put them in the right spot.