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Love revisiting this amorphous blob of skinner box contente every hundred-or-so days to see it take on a whole new form, almost unrecognisable to the one I experienced prior. The closest I'll get to channel hopping custom maps in TF2.
On one hand this fuckin game is an embarrassing heap of licences, brands and monetization. Stealing content from internet creators and selling them as pristinely packaged Emotes N Skins, gentrifying the culture of the moment into what is essentially a 33gb Nerf Gun advert.
On the other, there's a relative level of generosity on the user level that strings me along in a way that I need brain correction to effectively fight against. I bought one (1) season pass back in 2017 and have been able to afford every subsequent one through their rewards scheme. When the nefariously intended FOMO kicks in I still know they have my back to keep me a regular. The island of Fortnite goes through drastic changes with a suspicious enough regularity that I'm assuming the devs are crunching nonstop to keep the ship afloat. Entire mechanics and equipment can be introduced to the pool only to be removed without fanfare a few weeks later - They flooded the island and made a Waterworld season because why not. Should also be noted that Fortnite has a history of stealing unique mechanics from competitors hacking them in for themself.
This frustratingly enjoyable mid level engagement is kind of peculiar for me because my preference will always be single-player games, and I think Fortnite accommodates people like me, without a competitive bone in their body, by orienting a good three-quarters of the quest system around things that aren't related to combat. My sticking point with most of these games are that they just don't know when to chill, look at all the challenges on Apex or something, they're all different flavours of "deal xxx damage with x weapon". I throw on a movie or podcast and carve a path across the world map gathering materials, speaking to NPCs, doing environmental puzzles and prop hunts and finish a match in 3rd place under two rival streamers hopped up on GFuel haunted by the spirits of great architects, and still gain enough exp to unlock a handful of Battle Pass rewards. I unlocked Lara Croft by ringing doorbells until they broke. Help!!!!!!!
Also I know this will be contentious but I just straight up like the way the game looks. Any skin that isn't default is so meticulously modelled and textured it blows me away, the lighting as the day/nite cycle rolls over the trees and fog in the marsh and the autumn trees and the lakes and!!!!!! i could eat the screen and it'd taste like skittles. Anyway im logging this as mastered because i got 10 kills on the board right now.

Bro, let me be clear: you hate Fortnite for no reason. The game is fucking awesome and it gets better and better while the years passes.

Life is full of choices, many of which being ones we don't exactly know the outcome of, we ask around, we try gathering all the information we can about whether the choice we make will be the right one, but in the end, we often cannot find the feeling of certainty we're looking for, since our own experiences and perspectives will shape the personal outcomes of what we decide nonetheless. In the end, it's often a case where the choice itself might be significant, but what matters more is possessing the conviction required to not be paralysed by indecisiveness, to at least attempt making a choice rather than wallowing around, hoping that one day a sudden flash of inspiration will give you all the answers. What makes it all the more difficult and confusing however, is that once forced to gain a vague idea of the direction you want to go, it becomes far, far harder to justify changing your mind, even if deep down you know that there's absolutely no bearing on the choice beyond going with your gut and sticking to your guns based on an impulse decision you made a long time ago. How Fish Is Made is ultimately a game that manages to convey so much about the uncertainties faced in life and the nature of choice, in general and the fact that this is all done through a game where you're just some fish flopping through these visceral, surreal environments just chatting to other random fish along the way is a great example of why I absolutely adore art. So much can be said and explored through even the most abstract, outlandish of means, it's really something special.

Quirky existentialism. The musical segment features a royalty free track I once used to edit a vlog, and it haunts me everytime I find it used somewhere.
Adore the PS1 aesthetic!

When I was little I went fishing in a boat on a lake with my grandpa and I ended up catching 7 or 8 fish or something like that and he didn't catch a single one.
This review will probably outlast me.
I love my grandpa.

I don't think this is about how fish are made

It feels really disingenuous to play this from a tiktok recommendation and only get "haha that was weird/funny/so scary omg" from it, thankfully Jacob Geller recommendations override tiktok recommendations so I played this before watching his new video

Downcels be seething over upchads

I really needed that.
Hard to be cynical, hard to analyze what I needed emotionally in the moment. Something to plug a hole I didn't realize was bothering me. Sometimes the verisimilitude of a hike that I can't currently get right now is the best medicine for my mental state. The lighthearted soul of something really warm, uplifting that makes my heart soar. I cried to very small, very clearly crafted, earnest messages. I wandered, I explored, I went to the ends of the island and back, and I got something to remember this day forever.
Thank you for the gentle reminder to look forward head high.
Suggested by Phantom. Thank you

Multiplayer and Salmron Run are more refined and polished as well, and with the card mode and other QOL. The story mode is actually fucking incredible this time around (better than Octo Expansion, I said it) I highly suggest you go in blind. With updates and confirmed story DLC (with everyone's favourite lesbians) Nintendo has proven to us once again that they can make fun and exciting IPs.
Nintendo make me your bitch.