I enjoy gaming and thought this would be interesting to try to get all set up and to use continuously.

5.0 - Perfect. An example of when a game does everything right and deserves praise.
4.5 - Almost Perfect. A few minor issues that can be overlooked while playing.
4.0 - Great. A very fun game that doesn’t get old.
3.5 - Pretty Good. Very solid game that I would enjoy returning to.
3.0 - Decent. Game is fun, but there is still room for improvement.
2.5 - Average. Not a bad game, but not great or memorable.
2.0 - Meh. The idea is good, but execution could have been a lot better.
1.5 - Bad. Hardly any redeeming qualities and entire game is a chore to get through.
1.0 - Garbage. Something went seriously wrong in either dev or planning or both. Can still be fun-bad.
0.5 - Bottom of the barrel. My life is worse after having played this game.
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The levels go flip-flop between being pretty easy to ridiculously difficult with almost nothing in the middle. The level before the final boss was driving me insane. The controls are too good making it hard to platform since the movement needs to be more precise than normal platformers.

Feels like a bunch of smaller games that didn’t fit the style of wii sports so they were all thrown in here. Tanks is one of the good ones that everyone talks about.

Fun for like the first 30 minutes and the songs are kind of catchy, but this game got way too big in the public space for what it is