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If anything, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but this is likely going to be more of a Mojang review. I've never seen more incompetent developers in my entire life, ones that are so ass backwards too. You'll be left stunned at the lengths (or lack thereof, it depends) they go to making their game as unappealing as possible. It's a real shame, because this game has always had some redeemable quality to it, being a nice time killer on the side here and there over the years. However, from the rating, you can see that this is going to be about pointing out the flaws instead of what I like; so how about we get to that right now and not waste anymore time?
Part 1: The Beginning of The End
Starting from the beginning, during the early days of the game, you've already began to run into controversy. They eventually updated the game to have a hunger system while horribly nerfing animal spawns, limiting your actions more than before (rather counterproductive about a game with mining and building). There's no real sense of direction, other than the lackluster "ending" you're given which is the End dimension. I've never liked this part of the game and always found it to be tedious not so fun filler. I think this section deserves a whole review in itself, because there's plenty to cover in the present.
Other places in the game like the Overworld and Nether have much more going on in them, plenty of biomes, mobs, structures, you name it, it's likely in either of those two dimensions. Meanwhile at the End, all you get a mediocre annoying experience that feels like it just drags on (lol), and you are begging for it to be over already. A final fight where you have to either snipe or scale towers for crystals, and have to constantly watch out for final damage (you're basically forced to use water buckets). While all of this is going on, you walk past some projectiles, and wait a while for the Ender Dragon to "perch" before even being able to damage it. When the fight is done, you can either go back to the Overworld, or pursue the End cities, which are one of the worst structures in the entire game, but hold the best loot.
After entering a small portal that you can barely even see or know exists on the original/main End island (post ED), you'll start to have to making distance, and cover hundreds if not thousands of blocks worth of ground. This is more of a grueling task when you realize that you've been teleported to a place full of a bunch of smaller islands that you'll have to build makeshift bridges to get around. After mining for those and spending the exhausting effort making your way to an End city, you'll be greeted by a small floating fortress with "Shulkers" in it. Shulkers are pretty much the guards of the place, and endlessly shoot projectiles at you that have a levitating effect on your character, while covering themselves in armor most of the time, and making themselves nearly invincible outside of small windows. That's right, and on top of that, you have to avoid falling to your death AGAIN, riveting stuff really, surely it's all worth it?
Your reward is enchanted diamond gear in some chests (which you could just make on your own), and something I don't particularly like in the game called Elytra. An extremely situational gliding item that uses up the chest slot (hope you like not being able to use armor), and heights or a shit ton of fireworks regularly grinded for to be used properly. Yes, you went through all of that work, and before that, the gauntlet that is gathering all of the twelve Eyes of Ender, and finding a Stronghold (structure) to enter the End. To do that, you have to constantly use them and wait for them to fly up to what direction you have to head in; these could also be hundreds if not thousands of blocks out, and way too deep. And inside that "Stronghold" is a huge maze of rooms glued together, where you have to look for a small room with the portal inside, guarded by annoying swarms of Silverfish.
I mentioned having to obtain twelve Eyes of Ender earlier, because you'll need at least twelve to put on the portal blocks to activate it. It's more like you should gather more than that, because you also have to factor in how they have a chance to consume themselves while you use them beforehand to try to find the portal (yes this is a real thing). As for getting the materials to craft them, well, you have to grind the hell out of Blazes for their rods through Nether Fortresses, which are insanely dangerous, hard to find, and have things like Wither Skeletons that can kill you via their debuff. And for Ender Pearls, well, you either grind a bunch of Endermen, or grind a bunch of gold and spam trade with Hoglins in the Nether (literally removes the point of Endermen by the way). Honestly, the more I think about it, the more I start to realize one of my former favorite games was fundamentally bad game design; it might be a reflection of those who have worked on it, flawed and far from perfect.
Part 2: The "Revival" and Wasted Opportunity (WIP)

Best Fromsoft game, best combat and some of the best bosses.

the best fromsoftware game but no one is ready to have this conversation

FPS games where their gimmick is playing fast are so lame.

Probably the most pathetic and predictable piece of shit that Bungie has created for Destiny 2. I feel fortunate that a friend got the expansion for us both, but I feel incredibly sad that he spent money on this fucking garbage. There were a few missions in the campaign that were cool, but other than that, the entire story was abysmal. I've been playing Destiny since 2014 and this expansion was absolutely laughable.
Zavala - "We've watched so many die for this war."
my buddies - "No they didn't. We saw like 4 people die."

'Hey let's suck out a lot of the soul from the original!'
Whoever decided to replace the best Souls OST with the new music should never be in charge of games. At least they didn't fuck with the gameplay. Graphics are amazing, too.

game too hard -someone who didn't beat the tutorial boss

Wait this wasn’t even developed by Mojang? So literally all Mojang has been doing is making garbage updates for Minecraft? With their ≈600 employees? Across 2 studios? After being bought out by Microsoft for $2.5 billion?

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