probably the hardest a game has ever made me cry. fun as it is gut wrenching, though some of the mechanics felt less than ideal. DO NOT let that discourage you though if you're a fan of the base game this is the most obvious next step ever it's SO GOOD.

welllll...the games jank okay the games jank as hell. it's jank as shit and sometimes the multiplayer doesn't even work!!!!!

when it does, though.. hoo boy strap in. despite it's really terrible meta issues, it sticks true to the classic splatoon formula of ping ping woomy shoot ink go squid, albeit with the new unbalance that all of the new specials subs and mains bring. despite that, though, splatoon 3 is a genuinely fun experience even if it makes me want to go back to it's predeccesor on occasion.

the singleplayer is on a whole new level, too - especially with it's finale and the MAIN IDOLS FINALLY GET TO SHOW UP AS WELL WOOOOO, so even if the multiplayer doesn't work all of the time singleplayer is always there, with banger tracks and a fun blend of old and new oe-style singleplayer mechanics to boot.

ping ping wahoo squid yay

easily one of my favorite dlcs ive ever played, adding a fun new layer to single player splatoon and adding what was at the time a long wanted feature of PLAYABLE OCTOLINGS!!! the hype around this was crazy and for good reason, as it's fun gameplay and even better (if not a teensy bit goofy) story makes it well worth the twenty bucks (albeit, slightly less so now that splatoon 3 is the newest kid on the block, but if you're looking for more singleplayer this is the best you're going to get until side order drops)

a fun and quite frankly refreshing game despite it's glitches and jankiness - i enjoyed my playthrough a lot, with a lot of the new generation 9 pokemon being some of my new favorites in the series, and the stories being some of the best ones in modern pokemon. it's a huge step up from sword and shield, a game i can't even really bother myself to finish a second playthrough of despite my habit of doing that with pokemon games

as with pokemon companys shoot itself in the foot one-step-forward-two-steps-back methodology, there's still a lot to be desired, especially with the jankiness of the graphics and some of the game itself in rare cases - while it hadn't affected my initial playthrough much, some moments were unintentionally ruined by now storied glitches (the elite 4/champion memory leak being one)

and goooooddd playing through the game again now the intro is LONG, as with a lot of modern pokemon. overall, though, it's still a very fun experience... just maybe not the one you're looking for if you're looking for stability

incomplete as of now as i had accidentally burnt myself out on the game

did i expect this game to actually be really good with really fun combat? no, not really. did i get all of that and more? yeah, absolutely

engage improves on three houses in pretty much every way possible, despite me preferring it's predecessor from a personal standpoint. sometimes it has a saturday morning cartoon goofiness to it, but i really don't mind. it adds a lot of charm!

again. have not finished it yet, as im on about chapter 19, but i've heard the ending area of the game is excellent nontheless

3h is a game that struggles with a couple of writing issues but as a game and experience it's excellent - i loved all of the characters, namely the golden deer ones and the verdant wind route, but despite the lengthiness of the game there's a lot in it that keeps me coming back

really good game - had it's fair share of awkward anime-y moments overall but really hit close to home at some point and had very lovable characters. THE ZEKENATOR BABYYY

i haven't started the dlc at the time of writing this but know that i am very excited to knowing what i know about the game now