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A guy named Wang defeated me by kicking me in mine. Pure poetry.
Joy Mech Fight feels even more impressive in comparison. It's pretty wild to see how far NES games progressed throughout its lifespan, a lot of the early stuff was GARBO. Yet this game does have a certain charm to it, with each of the opponents having a unique caricature-like identity. Sort of like a proto-Punch-Out!! except all the racial stereotypes are exclusively Chinese!

Literally large-scale Pac-Man with cars. (You can even pick up items that let you eat other vehicles) It's honestly a pretty fun concept, but it gets old fast.

The graphics are delightful and the controls have a LOT more complexity to them than most NES games, but it's really just the same thing over and over. Maybe there was a competitive scene in Japan for this game, but against the CPU it get boring pretty quickly.