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I only log journal dates when finishing/retiring a game. I've tried to create a comprehensive history of everything I've ever finished, so all dates from before 2020 are either ballpark guesses or are based on console/achievement/trophy data.

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Surprisingly, typing out answers with an NES controller is even more tedious than you think it's going to be

Uhhh this kind of rules?

Look, I have no delusions about being cool. When I was a kid, my dad was getting his PhD until I was like 9 years old, so I often found myself killing time in empty classrooms on Oklahoma University campus. That meant 30-60 minutes of just me and some chalkboards. For most kids, I assume that would mean a whole bunch of doodling. But for this radical 90s youth, it meant coming up with the most complicated long division problems I could and seeing how fast I could solve them.

I think basic math is fun! Sue me! My wife and I often watch 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown and compete with each other for points throughout the episode. The 2-player mode of DK Jr. Math gave me the same vibes, but with some NES jank thrown in, and being limited to using single-digit numbers for each step of your equation. I had a great time!

The single-player mode was extremely anxiety-inducing at first while I tried to figure out if I remembered how to do this kind of math without being able to write down remainders, but once I got the hang of it, I knew this was exactly the kind of edutainment that little Alex would have loved. This is absolutely not for everyone, but tiny geeks and nerds (both currently and formerly tiny) will have a blast.


After dozens of DBZ games that just tell the story of the show over and over again (which, admittedly, this also does), it's incredibly refreshing to have "What If?" storylines like what the first Budokai had. I got to play as Frieza, massacring the entire Saiyan and Human races before blowing up the entire Earth while killing Cell! That probably doesn't sound like happy fun times, but it was just nice to have a different narrative! Very solid for a GBA fighter, looking forward to trying the sequel soon.