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So glad this came out, I missed the time when licensed games were incredibly horrible and abhorrent messes.

no matter how long its been, overwatch has been the perfect example for how to NOT handle a game. when OW1 came out, it wasnt just a fun game, it was a worldwide cultural phenomenon. people couldnt stop playing it, talking about it, and jacking off to it. but over time, its been deteriorating to the point where it barely resembles the game it once was, and now theyve just added a new coat of paint to the game and slapped a 2 sticker on the cover. its honestly crazy how little this game feels like a new game, despite not being the overwatch 1 we played endlessly back in 2016. but hey, its not JUST the same multiplayer you've already been playing but with two less players, the biggest selling point about OW2 is that theres going to be a campaign! PvE!!! THIS was the reason to spend another crispy $60! wait its free to play? and its not launching with the PvE stuff? and now, about 12~ hours before i wrote this review, the devs announced that it would be too hard to make the PvE mode and have scrapped it entirely? what a fucking joke. the only reason overwatch 2 exists now is to just generate new gay characters to announce every time an actiblizz exec gets caught with klan robes in his closet.

This game is a very deep and symbolic analysis of post-World War 2 America, it deconstructs our society that is biased against oppressed groups and minorities, like Asians, the LGBTQ+ community, and gamers. Truly a profound work of modern art.

Sir, they just hit the second Pizza Tower.

Just fired this up for The Boy and he was very disappointed to discover it is mostly tedious busywork

they spent all their time and money making the animatronics sexy instead of making a good game.
no amount of bug fixes can turn this into something worth while, it's a fundamentally awful video game.

I guess since activision blizzard can no longer harass, fuck and hassle the women who used to work there now it's time to fuck and hassle the players directly in their homes.
well done bobby

There’s no way Jeff Kaplan isn’t hurt by how they massacred his baby. The only time I play this is when a girl asks me to

surprised they let yoko taro make games after this