Mullet Mad Jack

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Mullet Mad Jack is a single-player fast-paced FPS that brings you directly inside a classic anime. Power up your character and reach the last floor; Beat your best time or try again. Haste makes waste… of your enemies!

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Played the demo. I can't stop playing help.

Boomer Shooter but it's extremely fast, epileptic and you don't understand absolutely nothing. And it's a really good roguelike with a good amount of variation, perfect art style and really fun gameplay. Worth trying and 100% will buy it when it's out.

A demo é fenomenal. Jogo frenético que não dá tempo nenhum para respiro. Morre, volta, morre, volta, morre, volta.

Feliz disso também ser BR

Hands down best Demo i ever played in my life, and GOT DAMN while playing it, I feel like i was high on COCAIN while orgasming nonstop.

This must be what it felt like to play Doom when it first released.

Nice Arcade Shoot Rouge Like
Short bursts of pure badass 80s dopamine.
Played the demo looking forward to full release