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i try to keep to myself. video games are my escape and my ratings are often emotionally driven.

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Splatoon 3: Side Order

Mar 01

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Higurashi When They Cry Hou: Ch.4 Himatsubushi

Feb 28

Hypnospace Outlaw
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Feb 23

From Madness with Love
From Madness with Love

Feb 20


Feb 18

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completed all palettes but have not obtained all hacks or collected all chips. i personally wasn't expecting much [gameplay-wise] but had a lot of fun. it seems i've been enjoying the roguelite genre more and more without noticing, though side order is still beholden to the flaws of such titles; repetition, little to no expansion on systems, get lucky or die. i tolerate these things for love of the splatoon universe and narrative told through its single player campaigns and expansions, and how such a vivid picture can be painted of its main cast through such little dialogue. as an octarian and Octavio fan i really appreciated even further windows into their society and locales as well, even if subtle.

otherwise a wonderful finale for Off The Hook and capstone on their moral as a couple, a beautiful reflection on welcoming change for the better or worse with open arms (Marina's defection, Acht's sanitisation). to spin into a tangent, the nature of splatoon's final splatfests is mystifying in its inviting discussion of "what if?" scenarios and its very permanent decision to deliver on its consequences in favour to the winning team, seamlessly marrying story events directly to gameplay in a predominantly online title. in contrast to that upheld value, side order's decision to reframe and spotlight splatoon 2's order vs chaos was to be inevitably expected having had the most tangible effect on the world reflected in the splatlands and its "chaos" of diversity.

i have a love for the franchise and its chosen vehicle of worldbuilding and storytelling, and i'm grateful a very good friend of mine took the time to share his own love with me. side order is no octoexpansion, but will anything ever be again?

does little to subvert the medium and is content to slip into the same pitfalls of those it mocks. in one hand From Madness chides the pathetic dating sim reader while providing genre-typical suggestive CGs with surface level character arcs in the other; the extent of infantilistic Marshmallow's sexualisation is abject considering his route is best enjoyed last and sunken cost has long since passed. the only semblance of shock i experienced was the distasteful sexual assault and extortion ending which goes without a specific trigger warning.
i actually did enjoy how the concept of language and the difficulty of communication while navigating romance is explored across the cast. a lot is easily understandable if one knows how to engage with the text, though i wish people would stop throwing around the insipid term "schizo" to refer to absurdist dialogue.
anticipation vs experience can be really disappointing. Aorta is cute i guess🙄

a melancholic wound which bleeds for the virtue of creativity, unfortunately — ironically — weighed down by the influence of its inspirations so much that it's afraid to be itself. each new callback feels like a shopping list of narrative elements, tropes or imagery utilised with no sense other than "we also enjoyed [media property]"; it stops eliciting a simple eyeroll and crosses into absurdity when symbolism lifted wholesale from other titles is transplanted for extremely pivotal moments or scenes.

to speak to its strengths, Signalis maintains a highly unique visual language and style across 3d and 2d artistic assets as well as its tactile UI and graphic design. the sleek utilitarian replikas vs the rosy warmth of the gestalts is rendered skillfully with a mere pixel monopen, their representative polygonal forms surprisingly expressive in their minimalistic textures and animations. the accompanying score is also something really special, particularly the piano arrangements which command this epic sadness matched by the tale of Elster and her beloved. i only wish so much attention was given to navigating the game itself as it remains a glorified note hunt segmented by barely responsive doors, with combat feeling more a universal frustrating necessity enforced by the label "survival horror" than anything tense or scary.

like a lot of these gorgeously stylised and well-loved indies, i really did want to love Signalis as its themes and genre are among my favourites along with the recommendation from a few good friends. either way i'm glad to have finally played it despite my own average reception and am inspired by its longing viscera and heartache.