Amazing remaster. It stands on its own but does not replace the original.

Pretty good changes were made for this version of the game. The only bad part imo are the character models.
Still, I love how you can customize the difficulty to fit exactly what you want. Every game should do this by now.

A pretty good remaster for sure, the modern controls are a nice evolution to the game.
However, it's still kind of ancient in it's level design in a lot of places sadly.
Looking forward to the other games being remastered

It's ok. Too short to be considered a good game in my opinion.

Excellent game with amazing combat.
Just wish you could level up friendship in a more straightforward manner.

Probably the best one in the franchise, story-wise.
It's very difficult to go back to after the gameplay improvements of Second Son.

Surprisingly good, infinitely better than the last game. This is how you make a sequel.
Sadly, some parts go on for a bit too long, but not enough to spoil it.

It's pretty ok. The gameplay is kind of cool sometimes, although most of the guns feel like shit. The shotgun in this game is the worst I've ever seen.
The humor is what you'd expect, although the studio's previous game was funnier.

With the randomizer, this easily becomes a 5/5, just a joy to play through.

Masterfully done, great story with amazing twists and turns that keep you guessing.
The gameplay is very refined, though not that different from the previous game.
A perfect ending for Kratos' story.

This game is pretty basic, like a discount God of War.
It's fine.

The game can be fun, but there are stupid design choices in this that confuse me.
On hard, the enemies have insane armor, to a frustrating point, and they can also stun-lock Kratos.
This is the second worst game in the series sadly, with the wimpiest Kratos to date.


It's a very charming world, clearly inspired by the first Zelda title, as the game drops you in with very unhelpful map.
Some frame issues and crashes on the Switch, sadly.
Overall worth a play.

A prettier version of a game that has some flaws in it.
I just wish they had taken the time to fix a couple of things with the game.