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Been playing Sonic since the Genesis days. Loved Sonic mania and honestly those games hold very well. I was really hoping they would make a Sonic Mania 2 and when I saw the trailer for this game and was really confused why they abandoned the 2d sprite work. The gameplay looked fine but the graphics didn’t look great. It’s 2d 3d but in some levels it’s hard to distinguish between what’s in the background and what’s actually part of the stage. The first half of the game is fun and has some really fun points. The later half of the levels feel clunky and cheap. There are many points where you run and a pit or one hit kill obstacle kills you out of nowhere.

Some of the bosses can be really tedious and boring. The bosses remind of the Sonic rush where you have to wait through a boss to cycle through a bunch of moves and then you can attack. So the bosses take for ever to beat. The special stages aren’t bad just feel kind of random on how you win.

The music slaps and then can be some of the most generic Sonic music I’ve heard since Sonic 4. The game became very tedious and unfun to the point where I got bored and quit. There is fun to be had but if a game isn’t catching your attention or is boring you then I’m not gonna waste my time.

Get it on sale. The game is not worth 60 bucks. Really wish they would’ve stuck with mania devs and made a sequel to one of the best Sonic games in years. Was a very odd choice and it shows.

I just finished the game and it was really fun. I never played the original but always wanted to. The script is hilarious, the battles are fun, the characterization is enjoyable. The game feels a little dated, I can imagine that this game was probably crème of the crop in the 90s but by today’s standard it’s still really good. It is pretty easy. I’ve heard the post game is challenging but haven’t tried it. Overall this game is really fun for both rpg fans and Mario fans. Even though it was easy it was fun and I wanted to keep playing. However I don’t think it’s worth 60 bucks. Like this would be a 3ds port back in the day. I rented it. If you want it and are on the fence, I would say wait til it’s on sale.

This game is fantastic! The music is amazing. The graphics are crisp. The levels are fun. The attention to detail is stunning. You can find diverging paths that need to new levels. This game is a master piece. Controls can be stiff at times especially compared to number 4. But it’s still really fun.