Incredible game. The only things that i didn't like were the maps (even though i really liked the way you can explore them, they feel like a downgrade of world's maps) and the size of the monsters (all the monsters are small, and fighting them no longer gives the same feeling of danger that it did in the old titles)

My favourite KH game, full of content and super funny. I loved It

First fighting game i liked after smash bros. The storymode is dogshit and the loading times sucks, but the game is fun as hell.
I can't wait for Tekken 8!

Story and style are crazy good, but I can't have little bits of plot every 20 hours of repetitive gameplay.
Shelved it with 100h of gameplay, I hope one day I find the will to finish it

I loved the art, the music and the combat, but I quit the game because there was no sense of group, as if everything that happened to a character happened in a universe separate from that of the other characters, and this happened for each chapter of each of the 8 characters.
Truly a shame. I have high expectations for Octopath Traveler 2 tho

Loved the gameplay but the introduction of time travel completely fucked up the story

I dropped this game twice because of the map, but finally the third time i picked it I decided to finish it. Best decision I've ever made

This game has a lot of rough edges, mostly due to lack of funds, but the story and the songs are so good that i honestly don't care.
Glory to mankind

what a missed opportunity.... gameplaywise is fun as hell, but the story was completely ruined and the cutscenes are ridiculous


The art is great and the characters are really cute, but it's boring af due to the repetitiveness and slowness

Loading time on Switch are dogshit and King Dice is fucking broken, but despite any minor and major flaws it's a great game, with great art and music

Unbalanced but really funny. The story is good but not excellent

Secondary dungeons and bosses are too similar

The last part is too long and boring