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Mar 18

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Metroid has had a stunning transition to 3D.
I went into this game fully expecting it to function different than the 2D Metroid games, but honestly it was quite the opposite. The game is bar none a master class in the FPS genre, not to mention the emphasis on exploration while not taking away from the action itself is pretty surprising. Not to mention I couldn't have been happier every time I got a powerup, ready to kick Tallon IV in the ass.
Also, the story. By god the story. It really puts a lot of the overall established continuity into perspective, while keeping the dialogue next to nothing. It's the kind of minimalism that I really appreciate. Retro did a stellar job with Metroid Prime and I could not recommend this game enough.

This sets a gold standard for remakes. Takes what improved from the sequel and adds it into the original while keeping the atomsphere and tension present from the original. While at the same time also adding on a whole new area and building upon the already pre-established lore and characters to give them a greater presence in the series as a whole.
Samus Aran is a certified badass, and this game proves it.

This game absolutely set the bar for Metroid as a whole. It's a game that really lets you explore and rewards you for going wild on exploration. My only complaint is that some jumps and moves require precision timing, but that's a skill issue. I got much better with it over time. Nevertheless, I can see why when it comes to the SNES, Super Metroid is one of the greatest standouts of that generation. Totally deserved.