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Replayed on Switch for the first time in a really long time. The X are a really cool enemy concept, and I like the huge space station setting and the paranoid atmosphere as the SA-X tracks you through the ship. A few problems that hold this back from being on the same level as Super Metroid or Metroid Dread:
- As many have said, the inclusion of dialogue and Samus's internal monologue is totally unnecessary and messes with the spare, mysterious narrative style of these games.
- The use of navigation rooms and map checkpoints makes this far too linear, especially in the way it sometimes locks you into taking a certain path after you visit a navigation room. At the end of the game when I was trying to get all of the items I missed, I kept having to take comically roundabout paths to avoid going through a navigation room and getting locked into the endgame.
- SA-X occasionally destroys certain doors making them completely unusable for the rest of the game, but these are never marked on the map. It makes navigating the map to collect the items you missed really annoying because you inevitably find yourself in situations where you're one room away from where you're trying to get to, only to realize the door is destroyed and you have to backtrack and find another way around.
- There is an energy tank that is impossible to get after a certain point in the game, even if you haven't initiated the endgame yet! I ended up with 98% completion because of this. Really irritating.
Still enjoy it a lot despite these flaws, it's just frustrating that this was so close to being a nearly perfect Metroid game only to be held back by some stupid narrative and design decisions.

Handles the self-insert character better than Forces

I have my nitpicks but who cares, it's fun and worthwhile enough April Fool's fanservice for Sonic fans. Amy Rose being a fan of true crime podcasts is a lore detail that was retrospectively obvious, yet brave.

Umineko: When They Cry (They cry because they can't compete with the GOAT Sonic)

Sonic Adventure 2 isn't just a game. It's hard for me to convey in words how important this game is both to me personally and to an amount of people I interact with. It's like a cultural cornerstone made into a video game. You didn't just play Sonic Adventure 2, you experienced it. lived it, I guess. There is nothing about this game that I would change. If this game didn't exist society as we know it would be totally different. From the incredible soundtrack, the anime as hell plot, the 3 different character playstyles, and the chao garden, everything in this game goes hard. You owe it to yourself to play this one, especially if you like other sonic the hedgehog games. Shadow the hedgehog is the coolest character to ever be designed by mankind. This isn't like a joke review, I'm deadass serious about all of this.

Atomic Heart is a mixed bag, the game clearly had interesting vision but fell apart at some point.
The game has great art direction that makes you stop and admire the visuals, it has good music that ranges from classic bits to techno and house music, it has fun gameplay when you start to upgrade and acquire abilities, it has fun bosses to battle and it runs crisspy smooth.
But it also has very poor writing which wouldn't be a problem if the game didnt constantly shower you with it, the characters are all unlikable and lack any interesting personality, the low enemy variety starts to become bothersome late into the game and the gunplay doesnt feel satisfying enough.
The open world is tedious and has nothing worthy to explore, the best part of the game is when you are inside polygons because the characters shut up and the puzzles are interesting to solve, plus you get good rewards, thats where the game peak.
The game can also get buggy which wouldnt be a problem to me if it had depth to its interactivity to counter that but sadly it doesnt.
For a first time attempt the developers got many things right but they also have a lot more to learn and improve upon.
Its alright i guess, i dont feel robbed after finishing it so i guess its not bad.

Buggy the Clown is strongest pirate. This game has proven it so. I'm sorry it has to be this way.

This is surprisingly one of my favorite 2d mario games. Very solid level design, which is enhanced by amazing level themes. They are so creative and its even better thanks to this mod. The only improvement I would make would be slightly better controls, their a tad stiff but are not that bad. Would highly recommend!!!

In neither of the two times I played this game, one as a teenager and the other as an adult, did I know how to explain very well why it touched me the way it did. The most I can say is that, despite some mechanics that might seem odd today, the game has a sensibility and nuance that is hard to find in today's big franchise games. I don't just talk about the theme of death because everyone is going to die!! But the exclusion of the unwanted, the connection despite it, the affection, and the non-universal right to mourn. Good gaem.

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