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Still cannot believe this co-op experience that seemingly has no live service element to it is designed with looter systems straight out of a mobile game and has over a dozen worthless currencies. It's all so hilariously disjointed. Also, the framerate frequently dips below 30fps, it's not just capped at it.

It's difficult to assign the entirety of Dragon Quest XI a single score. I've been playing this game on and off over the last three years, and according to my final playtime, that comes out to 113 hours.
DQXI hasn't been an insignificant part of those three years either, and all three acts have come to represent a sort-of lifelong saga for me. When I finally reached end credits, I felt lost.
DQXI had always been there for me, in the background, wanting to be played. Its world and its characters were a part of me, and although I was desperate to finally get the game over with, now that it's actually done, I've come out with mixed feelings.
Am I really ready to say goodbye to this world? To these characters? What does my life look like without Dragon Quest XI sitting in the back of my mind?
It's hard to say. I have plenty of criticisms and there's a good chunk of it that didn't work for me, but there are very few experiences in this medium that I can walk away from and feel this lost.
I think it'll take many months of reflection for me to fully understand my own feelings on it. For now, all I know is that this game is truly special.

In the last 20 hours I have spent 8 of them playing this. I cannot stop. Someone please help me, the smiling mouse knows where I live. The ice-woman has snatched my heart and I'd do anything for her. This land is purgatory and I am its victim.
Update: It's been a single day since I wrote the blurb above. 8 hours has turned into 20 hours. I am sick.
Second update: 20 hours has turned into 40 hours. I'm overwhelmed with despair, for I cannot marry the woman of my dreams. She roams the roads of my village every morning. Her enchanting smile makes me quiver. Her pristine, ethereal dress is carried by the wind itself. Her serene platinum hair is all I dream about. Yet, for all the gardening we've done together, for every moment I was by her side, and for every hurdle we tackled... I'm afraid she cannot be courted. For she is no different than Nature herself; you cannot have her heart, yet she'll never let go of your own.