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There's nothing I can say about Overwatch 2 that hasn't been said already. This was a massive misstep that strikes down everyone's dwindling faith in Blizzard.
From the start, this should never have been called Overwatch 2. The biggest mistake publishers seem to be making these days is setting unrealistic expectations. If this was marketed as "Overwatch 1.2: A massive patch that introduces new characters, maps, and hero abilities", it would have been a better experience. In fact, calling it a sequel straight up seems like a lie given that this runs on the OW1 client.
An even better way to handle this would have been to just continually update Overwatch 1 and get it to this state gradually. Instead, they abandoned OW1 entirely, leading to rot and meta fatigue, tarnishing the goodwill of the community. They let a good game die a slow and painful death, only to make the revival somehow worse than the original.
I like all the Overwatch 1 aspects of Overwatch 2. I'm happy to play a really polished team-based shooter with a really cool art style and lovable characters. I love the character abilities and ultimates and combining them together to get some really great gameplay moments. I love all the little dialogue moments between characters while waiting for the game to start. Overwatch 1 was one of my favorite games, and I played it a lot during some formative years of my life. It felt like comfort food.
Overwatch 2 on the other hand feels like the same kind of comfort food, but the taste is off, as if its the same ingredients but stale and not properly put together.
5v5 seems weird. I was hoping I'd get used to it, but I haven't. The 1/2/2 meta seems nice at the start when you realize there's less shields and the pace is faster, but that also means you can't play tanks defensively as much anymore. Everything is about getting kills fast. In Open Queue, I rarely see 1/2/2. It's as if the community knows thats not fun. All the damage dealers feels weaker now too. I just don't see as many great ultimates as I used to.
The worst thing though is even if they reversed the changes to the meta and the characters, I still don't think I'd be motivated to play. By abandoning OW1, they allowed a lot of players to get tired and leave, and OW2 isn't big enough or revolutionary enough, or generating enough buzz for them to want to come back. The people I loved playing OW1 with aren't going to come back to this. The time has passed. On top of that, the new ranking system that replaces the SR system isn't nearly as satisfying to work through. There's no clear indication of progress until 7 wins and that hurts the overall experience.
Overwatch 1 should have been kept alive and Overwatch 2 (at least without the PVE) should not have existed. Bring Jeff Kaplan back!

I quite liked and was surprised with the first Mario Rabbids, enough to be excited for the follow up here. Don't get me wrong, I played the full game and basically did a 100% run. It was engaging, commanded me to play more, and had improvements from the first in terms of combat. By those metrics this was a "good" game. However most of my playthrough felt less like I was having joy, and more like I was doing work. The fun here is in the battles. Not the overworld. Not the platforming puzzles. Not the story. Definitely not, and never will be, the rabbids. I actually don't know why I stayed committed through to fully 100%, because when loading back up the original I think that would be my recommendation out of the two games.

Fun central mechanic for sure, just grabbing stuff out of the environment and laucnhing it at foes. Interesting story that never comes together quite as well as you might hope but there are individual moments along the way that are chillingly effective. Too many collectible documents to look at it, to the point where I wasn't interested in looking at any of them anymore. I definitely want to revisit this one sometime and look forward to what else Remedy has in store for us down the road.

Shadows of Rose was a nice little revisit to RE8. I like how they emphasize survival horror a little more than in the original game. I also think the game is gorgeous looking. Maybe one of the best looking games I’ve played. And for me, the prettiness kinda makes up for having to play through the same rooms that we already did in the base game. Which I was a little split on actually. I thought it was cool to revisit the environments I really liked like the demitrescu castle but then when we had to revisit other environments that I didn’t care for too much, I kinda wished for something new. But yeah overall it was cool. It was like a RE8 Best Hits album. Oh and what everyone is saying is correct, there is a very scary part in it lmao. It was so scary that I was falling asleep while playing it and then the scary part started and it woke me the fuck up lol. 3rd person mode is way better for this btw imo tbh.

Really enjoyable stuff, waited to play this on PS5 with the Ultimate Edition and think that was the way forward. Platinum trophy obtained which was fairly straight forward and a fun twisty story that I enjoyed playing through.

Did I expect the next game in the Dishonored series to be a PS5 launch title about dismantling an impressionist time cult? No, not really. But now I wouldn’t have it any other way. Deathloop is a special game in that it continually gave me more than I asked for. Traversal that feels great? Check, but here are items and upgrades that really bust movement wide open. A story that justifies the game’s looping premise? For sure, but we’ll also give you knockout performances in every role and some real depth to each character if you’re willing to dig. Levels that feel purposeful and lived in? A tall ask but we’ll do that and make each space feel unique, interesting, and have at least three different versions. It’s a deceptively deep experience. At first what feels like Prey quickly gives way to Dishonored–all of which makes sense given Arkane Lyon’s tenure–but as you tug at each thread of the game, more and more reveals itself creating this standout rougelite action RPG experience that’s unlike anything else I’ve ever played. Okay, so that’s only sort of true. It’s like a TON of things I’ve played before but in the best of ways. The way it threads together the lineage of immersive first-person action games with an exceptional polish makes everything feel fresh. Deathloop is its own marvel as much as it is the logical next step for Arkane as a studio.

I really thought this was fun. The story was entertaining enough, and the combat is good enough to keep you interested for the duration of the game. Some minuses are all the collectibles, and I don't really think the light RPG mechanincs serve the game well.
For short, it's a good game in the HALO series, but certainly not the best one. (Also, I've only played the singeplayer since multiplayer doesn't interest me much). You can get it on Gamepass if you want to try it out but not commit too much money.

Really fun to play 3D world with others. I didn't finish Bowser's Fury though. I think I'm just bad at 3d platformers. There's a level where you have to climb up a tower to get one of those cat coins, I fell down right when I was close to the top... thrice. That's enough for me, thanks

I was never big on Metroid games. I tried many of them before on previous consoles, but they never really clicked with me.
Metroid Dread was different, I got hooked on it. Even though it took me a lot of time to finish it I still enjoyed it a lot.
The gameplay is very nice, the atmosphere is great, the fights, the dread.
Although there are some things that I didn't love they aren't that big to bring down the game that much.
This game was a pleasant surprise, I may play the next entry after all (if there even is one)

Double Dash has held it's place as my favourite Mario Kart for so long, until I got my hands on this. The gameplay is incredibly fluid and boasts a stacked roster with some new additions and some of the greatest tracks in the series. Whether it's the many Grand Prix cups to power though or the insane battle mode, my enjoyment from playing this never waned. This has become a favourite with my kids also so just another excuse for me to jump back in every once in a while.