Having a full-time job and a binge-game beating schizophrenic disorder is God's predicament upon me.
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A solid action RPG only Quintet can deliver. The gameplay is addictingly fun, the town building mechanic is simple but interesting enough, and the exploration and story are engaging, even if not deep as it could be.

The concept of this game is sure to make a brow raise even to those who are uninterested in games. And for the most part, it delivers what it wants in graphics, gameplay and music, sans the combat which, apart from the bosses, feels too repetitive and like you are doing the same thing, this coupled with the fact that you have to grind quite a bit for your "Evolution Points" in order to progress as a species and in the game, can make this a cumbersome task, specially in latter stages where enemies hit harder and you have little room for error, so little that you can easily get stunlocked and attacked to death from one single mistake. While this may not hinder your gameplay too much during your quest, it's on the final boss that this flaw hits you right where it hurts. You will be replaying this a lot and get frustrated out of how vulnerable you will get due to this lock.

I have been hearing and seeing this game so much that I was expecting things about it I couldn't even fathom. Nonetheless, the aesthetics and gameplay did live up to my anticipation, however the confusing maps and navigation, along with a plethora of unnecessary backtracking - not those you see in a metroidvania, but plain walking back and forth fetching items - made the experience a little harder to put up with than I was waiting for. On a sidenote, the new companions are REALLY very interesting but there is little to nothing of development of them in the main story, which felt very disappointing to me.