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Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
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Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors
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Mega Man ZX
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Your Turn to Die: Death Game by Majority


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Dec 05

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Yakuza Kiwami

Dec 05

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What now... she talks just like me!! I'm her fr!! There's a great balance between story and gameplay, everything hooked me. Yes I made the hook joke and I'll make it no matter how many times my personality is reproduced!!
Btw you wouldn't believe the easter eggs in this game. I agree with everything they said about him. Based Korea. They added a speedrun mode as well, which makes it the 2nd hook-based game that focuses on speedrunning, so I get two nickels for that but hooks are kind of made for speedrunning let's be real.
I love petting a cat to save. Only once though?? I wish i could just pet that little flying robot but I'm sure they thought long about it and decided it'll interupt the flow too much. Minus a whole star for that! (i'm kidding)

This is it. I'm being tested. Is gaming truly worth it? It's like a bold endeavor in making me appreciate the hard work put into some games I consider mid. I will never stop a man from creating his art, but...
What does one experiences to lead a man down this road? Should such commitment to atrocity be praised rather than feared? How come the dev's work folder size reaches 4 teraby-

Well, I had friends. HAD. Yakuza slice their palms and shake hands but gen Z play Pico Park to test brotherhood. I tried to gather more than 1 person but unsuccessful, still very rad but I'd like to experience utter chaos. Admittedly, it's very sneaky because the game is made up of the most basic stack of code and textures but aight I can't fault that because, why do more when the power of (un)friendship does most of the dirty work? There are thought-out level ideas to make me burst out laughing; it is enough. So, yeah, your friends might get you killed a dozen times, but you'll need them regardless of that if you want to reach farther than your own mortal coil can get you. This shit corny asf