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Very good, can’t be mad at it. So cool how Kirby had almost its complete identity right out the gate with its first game. Very creative, stylistic, and worth playing imo. Oh and they need to bring Lolo back in Kirby games.

It's impossible to talk about this game without sounding like the most pretentious person imaginable. A once in a lifetime experience that everyone can and should go through as blind as possible. It's the best game ever made and if we're being honest second place is not close.

nice, simple, short rhythm heaven-like game
has a very different vibe but it works out
it has a beautiful palette and great songs, and as the name implies, its quite dreamy. made me quite sleepy and comfortable

Post balance patch Trombone Champ is some of the most genuine fun I’ve had with a game in a minute. Lots of laughs and plenty of stuff to unlock

Went in full knowing this game was gonna be a meme, In return, I was blessed with a surprisingly fun game. This shit is still fun to play. I recommend it to any rhythm game players

It's a meme game but I had a lot of fun with it. I enjoyed the absurdity and it's impressive what the developer was able to accomplish without using more recent popular music.

I'm not huge into stealth games, and while I see and appreciate what Metal Gear Solid did for its time, it felt a little too dated to hold my interest. No disrespect to the series, though, because I know how much people love it.

Nice looking. Vibrant colours. Really fun gameplay. Excellent voice acting. Solid soundtrack, especially during Solm chapters. Decent challenge.
Not a good story. Cutscenes and support dialogues in this style do not work, in my opinion. Clipping is an issue and does not look good.
I had fun. There is defintely room for improvement in the storytelling department. Three Houses is still the best Fire Embelm to date

Super enjoyed this game, loved the story and the characters, and the entire vibe of it. The combat didn't super click with me, but i still had fun beating up enemies and even more fun beating up story characters

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