Amazing idea for a game and a good game for the collection. But the hitbox and hitstun in the game ruin it. Many of the bosses kill you instantly becuase of lack of hitstun, and enemies are boring to kill. I don't know why there are so many mini-stages in each chapter, it just breaks the flow of the game when you run in a straight line for 10 seconds just to get put back to the overworld. People are right, this game is overrated and does not belong in the SNES hall of fame.

Good graphics, solid music, and good level variety. The controls are pretty stiff and could be a lot smoother. The hitbox on the melee attack needs to be fixed and feels clunky as all hell. This is one of the games where you get hit so often, instead of balancing the game, they give you a lot of health and health refills. Still simple platforming fun at the end of the day.

Not too big on these types of games, but the music, controls, story, and main character are enticing enough for me to keep playing. The camera and enemy variety are the game's biggest problems. The combat has enough moves to make it diverse but ultimately, mashing one button gets the job done. Also, quick-time events are never a positive.

Gof damn this is the peak of 3D fighting games. While not perfect its as close as we can get. The story mode is good while adding narative to the tekken cannon and the graphics are a huge improvement over 7. The roster is not to my liking but its high number of base characters trump its closest competition of street fighter 6. This is the king of new gen fighters.

Its charming and fun in short bursts, but playing multiple hours becomes pretty boring and the 100% grind is a rough one. The repeated boss fights and formulaic nature of some of the levels makes me feel like this one needed some more ideas to make every stage fresh.

I have to respect it greatly for being the best fighting game on the system. The characters are unique, the special moves are simple to use and the graphics/music is nice. Not perfect or balanced well at all, but a fun kusoge none the less.

I think its passable for a GB title. The movement is as slow as ever but the difficulty is lower which makes it not a miserably difficult experience. I may speedrun this one as its seemingly easy and simple. The soul mechanic makes it standout a bit more than usual.

Would of enjoyed it a lot more if I didn't get stuck with no way to repair my weapons on chapter 27 so killing all the enemies is seemingly impossible. The game is extremely cryptic on how to get certain people and not user-friendly at all. This was my first fire emblem and I don't think I will return any time soon. Obviously I could of stocked up earlier "planned ahead", but being the first ever playthrough of one of these games, how tf am i supposed to know that. Not impressed with this one.

A fine version of the best 2D mario with some slight level changes and the addition of playing with luigi with his physics. The music is worse and the screensize is smaller and the colors are washed out, but thats what you get for being on the GBA. If you can play the original then stick with that, but this is a good alternative for its time.

Amazing remake of an already amazing game. What keeps it from a 10 is that there isnt enough post game content since this isnt a long rpg at all, and that its too easy. Strategy from the original is now replaced with spamming attacks until every major boss is defeated, even culex isn't hard. The only challenge comes from the post game re-fights where Culex 3D puts up one hell of a fight. Hardest boss in any mario game for sure.

Wonderful game that nails graphics, controls, and stage design to a T. The music is among the most forgettable in the series except for piranha plants on parade. The boss fights and is very disappointing and worse than the new super Mario bros series. Great game but not perfect, the badge mechanic is a great addition.

It is a game that you need a lot of time set aside for pure grinding. The music is ok and the graphics are minimalistic. It is fun if you're looking for a grindy old-school RPG that mimicks DQ. But there are much better on the system and this game has not aged particularly well.

Is it lackluster, sure is. But did i enjoy it all the same as S/V, of course. Fun stuff but you can finish everything included in less than a day. Needed more content for sure but still fun.

A different take on WarioWare but that's how it needs to be. I like how every character can be used in every minigame but some are much worse than others clearly. It is fun and charming seeing the great characters like Ashley and Mona. Maybe not worth retail price, but if you can get it for 10$ like me than its worth it. Still a fun game but not much substance, just like all warioware games.

Almost hit the mark. But the repetition and blandness of the level design, platforming, to boss fights make this an improvement on the first game, but not much more. Thankfully the sequel improved heavily.