Fan of a wide variety of genres, Action RPGs are my favorites probably. Love video games as an art form and am very interested in the industry as a whole, and try to play as much as possible.

My ratings are pretty high because I tend to only play games that I think I will enjoy to some extent and will be worth my time.

Top 5-6 favorites could really be in any order, I don't feel like I have one particular favorite game of all time.

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Metroid, Pikmin, Final Fantasy, Soulsborne etc., Monster Hunter

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PS5, Switch, PC (gaming laptop)
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Wii U, Gamecube, XBOX (og), 3DS, DS

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Destiny 2: Into The Light
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Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising
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Apr 04

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Mar 31

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Easily one of if not probably THE largest scope single-player game I've ever played, and somehow rarely unwavering in quality through the entire 100+ hours. Not only is there an incredible, nearly unmatched level of variability in the gameplay, from sidequests to minigames to main story content, but each of these pieces clearly has an equal amount of effort put into them. Nothing is left behind in favor of anything else; there is so much care put into the smallest minigames and sidequests and songs all the way up to the biggest scale story set pieces. I am truly in awe at the scale of this game and find it incomparable to nearly anything in this sense other than perhaps Elden Ring.

I was fully engrossed in this world, in every area, for just about the entirety of my playthrough, and really did not want my adventure to end. I was very motivated to do the majority of side content, simply because of how good it all was, with a random sidequest more than once leading to a completely unique minigame challenge I wouldn't have discovered otherwise. The combat evolves from the first game significantly; I loved the synergy abilities and additions to each of the original party members plus the new party members equally. Everyone is fun to use in their own way and I LOVED how the game separates the party in the story quite often, forcing you to try out different combinations of characters. Not only that, but each of the specified party sections typically will have enemies and/or a boss that is designed for the combat around the members you're using, whether it being aerial enemies with Barret/Yuffie, or perhaps physically aggressive enemies with Red to block and counter with, or fast enemies with Tifa, just as an example. I wish more RPGs with larger parties would do this, as deciding who to use while also wanting to use everyone somewhat equally is something I often struggle with.

I was a fan of FF7 Remake, but it was far from one of my favorite games of all time. Rebirth has more than lived up my greatest expectations and absolutely is one of the best games I've ever played. Any of its shortcomings, mostly in the form of a couple sub-par minigames or sidequests, or some world traversal issues, absolutely do not take away from the spectacle of the adventure and world. I did not even mention Queen's Blood, which is easily my favorite of the various evolving Final Fantasy side-games, and is a great game in and of itself. The soundtrack is also no question one of the greatest ever made, from beginning to end, with the massive quantity of tracks all of incredible quality. I really do love the Final Fantasy VII universe, and I would be shocked to see anyone that doesn't after playing this game. I cannot wait what is in store in the final part of this already legendary trilogy.


This game gave me the best possible first impression into the SMT/Persona universe, and an experience that I will cherish for a long time. I was so addicted to this game from beginning to end, to an extent that only has happened for me for a select few games. As my first Persona game, I was not sure what to expect when it came to the balance of the RPG/combat sections and social sections, particularly considering I'm not a big fan of visual novels, but I found that I loved both parts equally. The gameplay loop is what kept me hooked the entire time, and I really love how in-depth the social side of things is. Some RPGS can feel like there is entirely no gameplay apart from the battles themselves, and this isn't always a bad thing, but I really like how the social part of Persona feels like a whole other game that compliments the battle system, which itself I was a huge fan of.

Persona fusion is such a fun mechanic, especially for someone that hasn't ever done it before, discovering all the personas and skills for the first time. The combat is easily some of my favorite turn-based combat in anything I have played. Each aspect, from downing, to Theurgies, to the variety of elements, buffs and debuffs, and potential customization from the fusion system, all compliments each other excellently. While I did have certain characters I used most frequently, I liked how easy it felt to be able to use all of the party members throughout the game (due in part to the Grand Clocks), with the exception of maybe on. Particularly thanks to the Theurgies, which I’m aware are a new mechanic in Reload, each party member truly feels like they have a particular niche.

Not too many of the social links particularly moved me but I was invested in the vast majority of them regardless, and the payoff for completing as many as I could was absolutely worth it. Themes of life and death are easily some of my favorites in media, as I love existentialism, and this game memorably and successfully implements them in each of the main characters and overarching story as a whole. There's so many great moments and lines of dialogue throughout, particularly near the end of the game, and overall messages that I'm sure will continue to stick with me.

This was such a great experience and I'm excited to play more Persona and SMT games in the future. I'm so glad this game was remade as to give myself motivation to experience it, and it has easily become one of my favorite games of all time. Any minor issues I might have with the game are nearly completely diminished for me by just how much fun I had and how memorable it has already become.


In Stars and Time is a unique story-based RPG-maker RPG that I am glad I was made aware of. This type of game is right up my alley and I very much enjoyed my time with this, learning more about the excellently written and designed characters and the world.

Besides being an RPG, if such a genre for games existed I would categorize this as a mystery, as learning why the main character, Siffrin, is looping in time, by gathering information around the game's small world is required for progression, and at times it can be quite confusing. The game is divided into acts, with major story points separating each. By the end of the game you will have "looped" dozens of times, and while going back through the same areas does get tedious after awhile, this is both (1) intentional as a method of storytelling (understanding what the main character is going through and becoming increasingly frustrated and hopeless as they are) and (2) done in a way that I believe respects your time as much as possible. Through the use of a pretty easily acquirable resource, you can loop not only back but forwards in time as well, taking you to the save point you choose that had the highest level you ever had had when previous saving there.

I was honestly pretty impressed by the combat, it’s a very simple weapon triangle turn-based system that manages to be deep enough to have some respectable difficulty in the first few loops when you are initially beating the game’s main content for the first time. As you grow stronger and you go through the acts, the combat ends up becoming a breeze, and so luckily you don’t have to really beat anything when it’s very difficult more than a couple times.

The main draw of this game is the main cast of characters, who I all learned to love pretty quickly. Siffrin does as well, and you understand each of the party members through his eyes, for better or for worse over time. I really loved the way that the perspective of Siffrin was so essential to the way the story was told, as you are going through the frustration of the loops right along-side him, questioning things and seeing character development of his friends through the same couple days just as he is. This is all implemented quite well and I can say that I really do love each of the characters in the game in different ways.

There are unfortunately a few plot threads that I felt did not get resolved in an entirely satisfying way by the end of the game, and mostly end up serving as mysterious sub-plot, when I was hoping we would get actual answers. It’s also very easy to miss very important information, and as I said previously it is very easy to get completely lost on how to progress at all. I still very much enjoyed my experience with this game and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone that feels this subject matter and style of game checks any boxes for them. I really do hope it gets more attention, as it I think it deserves to sit alongside many of the great indie RPG maker classics of the past decade or two.