played this at the round 1 in broadway commons on long island, new york. tucked away in a little corner, i found it waiting for me. this game hits different in that setting. the experience of just finding the thing even being there was equally as fun as playing it.

holy fuck this game is incredible. i've been missing out all my life. i will own a physical copy one day <3 (edit: i own one now!)

the most all around solid 3d platformer i've ever played. very very veeery fun <3

in reality this game has no single player value outside of time trials, but oh my god i fucking love it. it feels so good to play. i have no justification for giving it a 5/5 besides it being FUN.

have i played any other metal gear games (yet)? no. will my opinions on this game change after i've played other metal gear games? probably. is this game still peak? yes.

this game grabbed me by the balls. i couldn't even tell you why. it just hits different.

galaxy 2 is the better experience in a purely gameplay sense, but the nostalgia i have for this one surpasses any objective advantages 2 has over it, like yoshi. rosalina's storybook will always make me tear up even though i know what's coming, the music makes it too much lmao. the music in general is fucking phenomenal. oh also the comet observatory is the best hub in any game. this game also has the best final boss encounter against bowser in a mainline mario game but honestly that's not saying much. i just really enjoy the scope of bowser's plan, it's one of the only mario games where he seems like a massive threat and not cartoonishly evil which was a nice change, especially coming from sunshine's family hot tub final boss. anyways this game is peak.

This review contains spoilers

this game is pure kirby bliss. the robobot is the best gimmick in the series. i'll never forget the nova reveal in the final battle either. shit had me hyped.

this game is fucking amazing. it does get a liiittle worse after early chapter 6 but not enough to affect my enjoyment of it overall. i LOVE everything about this game except the villains. there are still some good ones like n, m, s, j and honestly i even enjoyed z for what he represented. but the rest were very throwaway, and even the ones i enjoyed didn't hit the peaks of malos, jin and amalthus from 2, and honestly outside of n, egil from 1. obviously that was the point of moebius but i do wish there were a few more with staying power outside of d. INCREDIBLY excited to see what they do with the dlc story.

the one that started it all (for the blade saga at least). and in my opinion, it's incredible. outside of the gameplay which has less depth and world exploration that feels more barren than it's successors, it's almost a spotless experience. you can definitely argue that this game is the most all around "polished" of the 3, in terms of writing and pacing. but for me, the improved gameplay in the sequels make me like this game a tiiiny amount less than them. maybe it's not fair for me to compare this game to 2 and 3 because it came first, but it's hard not to. all in all, a super solid experience, and still a 5/5.

there is something about this game dude. maybe it's a combination of multiple things in my life all aligning perfectly while i played through this game for the first time, i don't know. but it just fucking hit me like nothing else ever has. does it have objectively obtuse game design, an iffy english dub and nonsensical character designs? sure, but everything else is PEAK and makes those flaws miniscule (IN MY OPINION). it has the absolute best ost in the medium, both the main heroes and villains are incredibly compelling characters, the world is unbelievably beautiful and fun to traverse, the combat system has so many layers it can be hard to wrap your head around, and the story as a whole just makes me FEEL something that i can't describe. it's perfect. now i can't lie, this IS NOT a game for everyone, and that's fine. but it is the game for me.