here's the thing. you can either pay for 3 months of rent. or you can play Gimmick! EXACT☆MIX

this game has a VR mode which makes me scared since the camera in this is Not Very Good


It's decently fun, but maybe a little bit uninspired. Collect all the things, avoid the enemies, almost like a platforming Pac-Man. The doors are pretty fun once you realize how they work.
also ACAB includes mappy. just because he's a fictional mouse, that doesn't mean he's excused from judgement. do you see that baton in the box art? what do you think he does with that when the players aren't watching? scum.

more like, Fuck-Off with Ultra Hand
im sorry tthat was mean :(

played this a looooong time ago, but was too young to realize that this just a rebadged JRPG (well, maybe more of a VN) called "Himawari Doubutsu Byouin"!
I'll have to play this again and see if it holds up, I remember nothing about it

Cute little open-source game with not much substance. Only played because I wanted to take a peek at its rendering code and got distracted lol

neat minigame. cute seals. but I am Utterly Weak and really don't like that they bleed when you screw up :(

The only time I played this was at a furry convention with my girlfriend, which is funny because *points at box art and screenshots* this is the least furry thing I can think of
That aside: really cute. really fun. I need to look into playing this one some more

kino (but I kinda suck at it)

wasted so many Club Nintendo points on this and had to wait like 2 months for it to be delivered.
it works. it's no G&W Gallery, but it works.