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Terribly underrated and even a little too hated from what I've seen on Steam. It's not perfect but none of the game's flaws are real deal breakers unless you have Beth Wilder's ever dwindling level of patience. Gamers whine about everything these days and can't simply have fun anymore without constantly feeling the need to overly scrutinize every single pixel they come across.

I mean, come on... you can manipulate time in this game (!!!), it has some genuinely impressive level designs, you get a fun little TV Show with Lance Reddick and Aidan Gillen (who unintentionally turns out to be kind of hilarious as Paul) and while the writing fluctuates and strays a bit from "peak Remedy" it has some really great moments. Which are especially present in the details, aka. all those scattered notes, emails and documents.

Some of you guys just need to take a step back and approach games with a little more whimsy again because that is what gaming is essentially all about! :)

(oh you died to the boss 50 times on hard? stop crying on the internet, thats a skill issue. get good. hop on a souls game and then we'll talk. nerd lmfaooo)

Max Payne was one of those characters I always had a strong familiarity with but I’ve never actually gotten around to playing the series which is a bummer. I really missed out as a kid (my loss is my mom’s luck though because I know she would’ve needed to help me with those blood mazes).

Aside from the peculiar controller movement that takes some getting used to, the game still holds up incredibly well, and I had a blast with it even 23 years later. A true classic.

grinning like an idiot whenever i’m playing this but i’ll reserve my yapping for my actual review that’ll hopefully be way in the future because i don’t want this game to end any time soon but!

i just came here to say that yötön yö is an absolute banger. this whole game is. i’m truly grateful to witness this piece of art. kiitos sam. it’s 4 am and i’m shitting my pants more often than i’d like to admit but i’m having the time of my life. top 3 easily.

sorry for rambling, thanks for reading. have a good start into the new week