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Straight men truly don’t get this game and it need to stay that way

One of the best games for the 3ds tho I'm pretty sure playing this was the root of my wrist problems

God really made a game that looks super interesting and then made me left handed. LOOK WHATEVER I DID IN A PREVIOUS LIFE I'M SORRY

It always feels like you just barely can't do what you want but that just might be a skill issue

I pumped too much sewage and my river became brown

there was a garbage infestation and everyone at Tilted Towers died so I have to build 3 cemeteries.

basically what you want to do is take the base game and add as many mods as possible to make it less american. every time you see something american in the game you need to find a mod to get rid of it. i recommend this approach for all games, but this one especially.

Love the central idea of perception shaping reality and some of the clever ways they use it. The short with wild diverging choices structure is great and the way the game guides you through interesting areas of its possibilities is good but took a little away from the sense of discovery for me. The final choice was not very hard for me and I feel like a lot of my perception was shaped by the opening title card telling me I was in a love story.

This is a game you only play for the first time once. Absolute masterpiece.