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One of my longtime favorite romhacks for keeping it simple. Sonic 1's weak points become a lot more manageable with the additional shields, Tails' flight, Knuckles' climbing and the insta-shield. And Sonic 2 is just as good as ever. Doesn't feel optimized for real hardware, though: Lots of slowdown in weird spots and a couple visual glitches.

Also, this hack made me realize 1's special stages are lowkey underrated

Although it's by no means a requirement for my big playthrough of the Sonic series, I've been sprinkling in fan games here and there that I've been wanting to check out for a while, like Sonic and the Fallen Star. I generally find what fans are doing with Sonic to be more interesting than anything Sega is cooking up these days, and some fan games are of such high quality that they can exist comfortably next to official releases. Well, now I'm doing straight up ROM hacks, so perhaps there's something else motivating me to take these little detours, like wanting to play around in the "classic era" a little longer and put off getting to crap like Sonic Heroes.

Oh no! Someone got Sonic Heroes in my classic Sonic! AhhhhSHIT, it's all over the place... God damnit. Vector the Crocodile is in Aquatic Ruin now, what the hell am I supposed to do with this?

Sonic Classic Heroes is exactly what it says on the cart. One of the most straight-forward ROM hacks I've ever sat down with, and hardly any more transformative than sticking Shadow the Hedgehog or Princess Sally in Sonic the Hedgehog, something that has been done to death. But sometimes all you need to justify playing a game you've already experienced nearly a hundred thousand times is being able to run up the walls in Marble Zone as Espio and skip the whole damn stage.

That level of focus really is to Classic Heroes' benefit. A lot of the fun comes from having these expanded options for traversal that you can freely swap between, allowing you to break open familiar levels in new ways. There are a sparse number of new alternate routes and an added Sonic 1 style special stage that's a total bastard to clear, but otherwise, it's Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 stitched together with some new characters and Heroes-esque hot-swapping. You could argue that these levels should be more substantially altered to suit a speed/power/flight dynamic like in Sonic Heroes, sure, but I'd argue that this hack is everything it needs to be.

Now, I could have just grabbed the ROM for this and thrown it on my Raspberry Pi (in fact, I might've already done that), but you know me, I'm a strange little Genesis game collecting imp, so I had my guy send me a reproduction copy on cart. The first thing I noticed was how substantial the cartridge feels. It's got heft to it, so much in fact that I had to open that sucker up and see what was going on with the board. These chips really make use of all the real estate available to them. I guess that's necessary when you're essentially smashing two full Genesis games together and adding four new characters, shields, and an extra special stage, but when I look at it bare like this, it doesn't even register to me as a game so much as a device. If any technically-minded reader can identify what the UV-strip looking cells in the center of the lower chip are for, I'd love to know.

Do NOT lie to me about it. I have watched every episode of Lie to Me, I am an expert in body language. I will detect your falsehoods and I will destroy you.

I bring this up because I feel it's important to point out that I played Classic Heroes on real Sega hardware, so these comments about performance and behavior might not be consistent with your experience assuming you played via emulation or even with a different version number. Overall, I found Classic Heroes played surprisingly well, though particularly busy screens did introduce slowdown not present in either of the original games, especially when going super. Both of the water levels - Labyrinth (incredible) and Aquatic Ruin (vomiting) - struggle the most and feature really wonky collision detection on corners and switches, which resulted in me drowning several times as my characters got stuck.

Team Chaotix also introduces a number of pallet issues, often darkening and color-swapping badniks and other elements, but that's pretty minor and will only bother you if you have bugs in your brain like I do. I also noticed a lot of stray flickering pixels, which hasn't helped my growing anxiety about failing capacitors, but which I am pretty sure is just the result of a ROM hack with an excessive amount of characters crammed into games never intended to contain them running off a board that has like, ten pounds of computer chips welded on. I'm over here with a bunch of after-market AC adapters juggling foreign voltages in a single power strip, it's a god damn miracle I haven't burned my entire house down as a consequence of my horrendously jerry-rigged system and library of straight up bootlegs.

"If you paid for this game, you have been SCAMMED!"

Buddy, trust me, I don't know what I'm doing.

played a session at a friend's house. remains the only game i've played on the wii u

Playing the original earlier this year gave me more of an appreciation for this game. Seeing the familiar story beats play out in high quality cutscenes is a pleasure throughout. The character expansion of Avalanche's trio of Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge help Avalanche feel more like a family rather then just a bunch of npcs. Additionally, It was great seeing old bosses and enemies get upscaled into HD; The Hellhouse fight being a great example of this. Throughout the game I loved how there was always this ongoing mystery of the whispers and Aerith's seemingly out of place knowledge of the future. It fits her mysterious character and at the same time makes you feel connected to her, with both of us knowing the familiar plot beats before they happen. The ending implies now that anything can happen and I'm excited to see what the later Remake titles will hold.

The gameplay itself is great. Its a fusion of the turn-based battles of the original and the more action focused gameplay of the later Final Fantasy's. I really like it and I hope future games that Square Enix has lined up continue to use this battle system. The only times I was really annoyed with the battle system was during the Rufus fight where you weren't giving any time to use spells because the cooldowns to conjure them often times took too long. But this is a minor nitpick in an overall excellent package.

I would say place the original first if you want to really truly appreciate the subtle details but it still is pretty friendly to first time players. Hopefully the future titles stand up to the quality of this entry.

What a lovely romhack! This hack makes a full game out of the Spaceworld 97 demo of Gold and Silver, and it's so charming. Early generations of pokemon had a strangeness that has slowly been sanded out as the games kept going. By Scarlet and Violet, as much as I like those games, it's almost gone entirely. This hack is like an alternate universe where that weird energy kept going, and it made me feel like a kid playing through Gold on my game boy for the first time again.
The region of Nihon is full of oddball areas and concepts, so many surprises around every corner. How about a secret cave inside a fountain in Sanskrit town? How about a zoo? How about the entire Kanto region but shrunk down to the size of one huge map inside a city?
That's not even mentioning the pokemon differences. Some are completely unique to this version, like Raitora and Plux. Some would be revisited later, with early versions of Leafeon and Lickilicky and such. Some would be completely different versions of existing pokemon, like the poison type Umbreon and the infinitely cuter Hoppip line.
It's absolutely fascinating as someone who grew up with these games, and arguably a better balanced experience given it lacks Johto's obnoxious level problem. I don't think this will be my preferred way to play through Johto going forward, but I'll definitely be playing it again in the future.
Can't recommend it enough! I want Raitora in real pokemon goddammit!

well i played as vergil & it made me realize how much i don't like dmc5. no cutscenes so you're just chillin in the scorn-ass tree the whole time. i love the other DMC's art styles with all the beautiful churches & cathedrals.. beautiful cities. i hate meat tree!! vergil has a really fun moveset which almost made it cheese mode. at least i got bury the light.

Somehow has more predatory monetization than the fighting game made by a GACHA company, but when you just get into playing it it's fun as hell. This game got me to break some cardinal rules by having my main be a man.

Close enough, welcome back Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat

My sister chose this and Super Princess Peach for the DS when she was out buying games with her Birthday money in 2007. Me being the primary DS user out of the both of us, I demonstrated anger at this, the little biased fool that I was. "A game for small kids and a game for girls? This is a waste of money! You could have bought Super Mario or [some movie tie-in game] so I could've played them, too. Woe is me!" In truth, though, I don't think she could have picked better games. I would soon learn this was the curation of a lifetime.

I got severely addicted to Wild World that summer vacation, and so did she; we fought a lot over who got to play. Well, not so much fought as bargained with each other. I might've had a larger library of games to play than her, so in fairness I should have relented this game to her more often than I did. Not to mention it was hers. No, I hogged it as much as I could, probably utilizing the boons of being the older sibling. You can see the shape of my selfish person clearly now. Despite this we became more friendly with each other over time, maybe from bonding over this game.

It was fun sharing a town with her and seeing traces of what she had been up to in her session prior to mine. A villager would mention something my sister said, or our house would suddenly have new decorations, or all the fruits would be gone from the trees. There was one time when she okayed Sally moving out without my knowing, and the next day my favorite villager and best friend's house was empty. Such a hollow prospect. Who would I talk to now?

The AM and PM soundtracks are some of the coziest pieces of music I know. Catching a Rainbow Trout in the 10 PM moonlit drizzle is the very picture of bliss. I don't have much more to add... Visiting the village again recently was a mistake. It's an overgrown, forgotten Beyond.

I love the first Dragon Ball (before Z). I've just tried this game on an emulator because I remembered it exist the other day and when I was younger I always wanted to play it. A beat 'em up with young Son Goku kickin ass. Played the first couple of levels of the history mode and loved every minute of it. Damn, when are they going to make a port for this? Or add it in the NSO GBA library? Awesome Dragon Ball game!