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Jun 30

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Dreadfully plain Mario and Luigi game that takes absolutely no risks leading to a pretty boring experience overall. All of the Characters say exactly what you think they will and there is alarmingly not a single unique character in this entire game. I did like the wiggiler that turns into a flutter though. The environments are generic, and you'll find the story of paper jam under the dictionary entry for that adjective. Combat is still pretty fun and the bosses were exciting challenges that got me over the finish line. I really liked the combat in partners in time that included using all of the face buttons, so I like that they brought that back in this game with Paper Mario. It made dodging even more engaging and challenging. The many overworld minigames are a mixed bag, but they do mess with the pacing a bit. I appreciate the additions of the dash and flutter jump. They helped with traversal and getting through the game much more swiftly.

Overall, combat is about the only thing paper jam gets right so the best I can do is give it a 6/10.

The lack of unique or interesting ghost designs and the overall mission structure is incredibly lame especially when you are going for all gems and boos. E.gadd blowing up my DS phone is also very annoying. However, the game is able to overcome these shortcomings to still be enjoyable for the most part due to neat mansions, great atmosphere, and fun bosses.

Hotel Dusk does an excellent job of laying out a variety of mysteries and making you care about them more and more as you play, and this is largely due to the fact that they are all connected. Getting to know each hotel patron and worker built on a large web of questions that slowly built toward satisfying answers in most cases. In general, it was pretty fun to interact with these characters because they were well written and interesting. Kyle Hyde is a great protagonist. Humble yet confident and willing to help but never too much. Louie is the best partner I could ever ask for. Bowling with my king was such a joy "forget all that its time to roll." Characters like Dunning, Helen, and Martin were also cool to meet and interact with. I also enjoyed the visual style of this game especially as far as character portraits and expressions go.

As far as negatives go, I have a few I want to include. My biggest gripe with the game is that it is SO slow. Moving around feels slow, investigating feels slow, and they made the text speed so damn slow. I am generally a slow reader and that shit bothered me so I can imagine how fast readers felt playing this. The gameplay itself they were going for was pretty weak too. The puzzles never really felt very satisfying to solve and if I got stuck it just felt like it was more of a directional issue rather than a challenging puzzle. Lastly, the music in this game is pretty pedestrian which was a bit of a let down.