I've sunk 40 hours into this game already but it would probably be closer to 100 if it weren't for FF7 Rebirth's release. The perfect game to play a run or two while listening to music or a podcast. It feels like I'm only scratching the surface of everything I want to do in this game, i.e. all decks on gold stakes, all challenge decks, and maybe even the platinum trophy if I'm insane enough to attempt that. Would not be surprised at all if this ended up being my game of the year.


Wow! Wanted to play this game for a long time but decided to wait for it to become a PlayStation plus game. Absolutely adored my time with this and am planning to get the platinum trophy pretty soon. Loved the gameplay loop of going through the levels over and over to learn the intricacies of the enemies and beat the boss in fewer deaths. The gameplay is intricate and deeply rewarding to master. All of the levels are memorable and contain fantastic multi-staged boss fights. Am excited to try out the arenas mode and will for sure be keeping an eye on future releases from Sloclap.

This game really blew me away. I was kind of mainlining the whole thing as I wanted to finish it before Rebirth came out. I also wanted to leave some of the side content as a surprise if it still exists in Rebirth. Was consistently blown away with how gorgeous this game is. Obviously the graphics are dated but the art direction really holds up. The combat was also really good. I think I missed out on a lot of the intricacies by going through the game so quickly, but it was still fun regardless. I'm just so glad I got to play this before Rebirth as I think it will allow me to appreciate that game even more.

Thought the gameplay was fun enough but it wasn't really blowing me away. Really dislike the way you unlock levels in this game though. Having to go back and do random challenges is not all that fun. Would have loved to just been able to go through all the levels in order one by one.

Takes everything from the base game and improves upon it. The story has a great hook and is consistently engaging. Love the new characters they introduced in this game. One huge improvement is the 9 new gigs with this dlc. Each one has its own set of characters and actually puts you in situations where you have to thoroughly think about the decisions you are making. They end up being considerably more memorable than any of the gigs in the base game and were a highlight of this dlc. It would be incredible if the cyberpunk sequel kept the same quality of writing present in these and still had as many as were in the base game. The side missions were mostly great as well. I only played through one of the endings but I really enjoyed how it played out narratively and in gameplay. It seems like the final act of this story can go in two completely different directions so it would be interesting to return to this and see the other set of final missions. This dlc offers a new ending to the base game as well and I personally found it to be my favorite ending available. Overall I feel like this is truly what CD Projekt Red wanted Cyberpunk to feel like and I hope Project Orion is able to take this and apply it to a full game.

Told myself I'd come back to this once all the updates were finally out and over 3 years later, I finally decided to give the game another shot. In the last 2 and a half weeks I put 89 hours into the game and got the platinum trophy. Absolutely loved my time playing. I don't know if I've ever felt more immersed playing a game. I just wanted to learn everything about night city and the world at large. Unfortunately I found the different endings to be a bit underwhelming in both gameplay and narrative. Besides the endings though, I feel like the main missions and side missions were fantastic. I was also really impressed with the progression in this game. The way your attribute points tied into your skills and perks was satisfying and really made it feel like I was creating a unique build for my character. Another minor gripe with the game is that the gigs and ncpd missions felt a bit like padding in a game that already had enough content as it is. I don't mind the structure of the gigs, I just wish there was a bit more to them because they got extremely repetitive. Overall though this is a really special game and I can't wait to see how they expand upon it in the sequel.

Played a fair amount of this but I feel like the game is lacking in it's current state. The core mechanics are a lot of fun but I wish there were more modes or more reasons to play. Ranked feels kind of pointless to grind through other than unlocking the harder tracks. I got up to Platinum before putting the game down, but I was still consistently getting top placements so I'm sure I could have gotten quite a bit further if I just put the time into it. Maybe I'll come back to this in a year to see how it's developed, but there is just not enough in the game right now, which is a shame because the core gameplay is quite fun.

Am seriously addicted to this. Even with a lack of songs and modes at the moment, I am thoroughly enjoying this game. This is really my first time playing a rhythm game of this style and although I sucked at first, I am loving the process of slowly getting better and better. Don't know if I'll consistently play this in the future, but will probably keep coming back to check out new songs or whatever else they add.

Had a blast coming back to the world of FF7R. Took me a second to remember how the combat worked, but once I got the hang of it I was reminded why I loved the first game so much. While the first chapter of this is a tad slow, chapter 2 has tons of great moments and really picks up the pacing. This just makes me even more impatient for FF7 Rebirth.

Super conflicted about my time with this game. Had a lot of fun with it at some points but kind of hated it at others. I played about 12 hours of this and while I think I could have gotten a lot out of this game if I chose to continue with it, I don't really have the time for a game this long if I'm not absolutely loving it. I thought that the gameplay in this was alright but really I was just playing to interact with the characters and see the story. I thought the main quest line was extremely uninteresting and the actual gameplay during those quests was really boring on top of that. What I found to be actually worthwhile was the side quests. There was one in particular that was quite sprawling, and I actually found the story more engaging than that of the main quests. There was obviously a ton about the game that was just frustrating as well, whether that be the movement on planets or the inventory system. I guess I just found the game to be a mixed bag. Glad I checked it out but would rather play a more condensed and focused RPG.

So happy to have gotten this as free DLC. Ragnarok's gameplay works great in this genre and the story of the game, while not mindblowing by any means, still works really well to bridge the gap between this and whatever future installment may come.

This review contains spoilers

I think from a gameplay perspective, they really knocked this one out of the park. Everything about the combat and traversal feels improved from 2018 and Miles Morales. I think the story is really where this game is lacking. The story is serviceable and has a lot of fun set-piece moments, but the characters felt lacking compared to the previous titles. Kraven as a villain felt underdeveloped and kind of just thrown in there to have some conflict until the symbiote story really took off. I also didn't buy the internal conflict of Peter and Miles as much as I think the game wanted me to. Miles especially felt thrown to the side for much of the game. Theres a lot more about the story that wasn't great but ultimately the game was still a ton of fun. The world is fun enough to be in and the characters are enjoyable enough to watch that even if the story isn't hitting like it should, you can kind of just sit back and turn your brain off.

Played about 10 hours of this which was enough to know it isn't for me. I was honestly just finding the game a slog to get through. The story seemed solid enough but I wasn't fully invested. The gameplay was solid as well but I could not stand the level design. It really made the game feel like a chore to play. I also just feel like the game was not paced very well. The pacing made it feel like an RPG but that's not what the game was really trying to be. All of the RPG elements felt half-baked and I would have just liked to see a condensed version of this that truly embraced that it was an action game at heart.

Put about 13 hours into the game at launch and it honestly wasn't doing much for me. As someone who adored the first game, this felt a bit lacking. The story was not engrossing me much at all, and while I think the core gameplay was definitely improved, I think I preferred the level design of the first game over this. I liked the more complicated levels of the first game and personally found that the more open level design in Survivor added very little to the gameplay for me. I might come back to this one day and just push through the main quest to see what happens. If I do I will update this.

Barely played this, didn't have much fun with it