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I really wanted to like this.

The puzzles didn't exactly blow my mind, but there were so clever solutions. I found the ones that required extreme precision to be really frustrating. I just couldn't find any value in this besides it somewhat reminding me of the better games it was inspired by.

Simple but charming game. Clearly a Good-Feel kids game but I enjoyed it. I was hoping it would have a lot of the charm that Super Princess Peach did on the DS but not really. It's a damn shame this doesn't run at 60 fps. Considering Mario Odyssey, 3D world, Wonder and Mario Kart 8, all run at 60 fps and run laps around this game graphically, it's just disappointing. You're honestly not missing much skipping this game.

Look, its not comparable to early silent hill and i think its unfair to do so. long before this rendition, the silent hill name has been desecrated as a cash cow. This is not revolutionary or even particularly deep but for the love of god can people chill tf out LOL i know its cool to be a hater and everyone is hive minded but its not THAT bad. i wasn't the target audience as a 27yo woman but i can feel myself really enjoying this when i was younger and maybe my taste wasn't so refined and things needed to be a little less obscure. You can see the shortcomings very clearly, japanese devs trying to make something for americans (westerners) translation that isnt great hence the hilariously bad "ugly!" "stupid!" "weirdo!" schizo post-its and dialogue, some truly terrible english voice acing in some parts - I thought the PC was voiced pretty well though.
Enjoy it for what it is; a 2-3 hour, FREE little practice teaser of the type of horror and aesthetics that is to come from KONAMI's hexadrive (who are new devs apart of KONAMI). It was so very obviously meant to be for younger people, mainly girls and it was littered of references to past silent hill games - even very much PT. The devs clearly love and respect silent hill IP let them find their footing and hate on KONAMI all you want but leave the lil guys out of it.
plus, again, IT IS FREE, $0.00
I love silent hill, its been apart of my identity for some time, maybe im just becoming a boomer on the internet by this point but i wish we didnt all have such hate boners for everything, just like, move on and let the teenage girls enjoy things if they want.
plus music and monster was amazing but that is not a surprise.

at this point in my life i think i am looking for experiences with a few less hugs than this

This game is actually miserable to play. It's super fucking clunky. Level design is ass. The only good stages are the first 2. It's a shame because I like the idea of a slower paced Sonic game. One that focus on being a more slower paced platformer. I was excited for this game when it was being shown off. This came out after Colors and Generations which, while I'm not too keen on those games now, at the time were both fantastic! Sonic in my eyes could do no wrong! Now over 10 years later I'm finally getting to it and holy shit is this game miserable. I really really really wanted to be like "it's not that bad, people are just haters" but no this game is actually fucking dreadful.

I'm so sorry, I really wanted to like the game, but the gameplay is mediocre, I can't believe Resident Evil 4 is one of the most influential games in action and this game took nothing from it.

The combat is reduced to lighting the enemies and using the pistol and shotgun or rifle, Also grenades and flares, running away is not a very good option, since the enemies are very fast and it is difficult to know when they will attack you from behind, Alan does not even run, just dodge infinitely and is very vulnerable, there are no kicks or a melee weapon, if you do not have bullets or other tools you're screwed.

The game looks for excuses to stay in the same forest as always in the most ridiculous ways, for example when they possess Rose and despite having changed her personality they don't hesitate a bit and have a coffee with a sleeping pill xD

The story is the best part of the game, especially the ending, it's open to two possible endings, it's great.

I really do not know if I recommend this game, if you do not mind eating 8 hours of the same monotonous gameplay with the same old forest that stretches like a chewing gum is your game.

One of them games you gotta pay a nigga to like and i’m not being compensated so imma be real this probably a worse version of any rpg you can think of

I understand but also have you considered playing it isn't fun?

Knuckle Sandwich is visually and aesthetically astounding RPG with a pretty wild idea of combat mechanics. I would say it's like what if you had Mario & Luigi mechanics of dodging attacks along with Warioware microgames to counterattack enemies and deal the best damage all in an RPG. You can clearly tell that the developer put so much inspiration from the medium and tries so much to deliver on a fulfilling combat system, story, characters, and word. Despite this, I kinda didn't connect with the game. Like I clearly see 'The Vision' and love put into this short RPG but I wasn't as wowed by the story or characters in the game; I can certainly say though it gets crazy and some to most will see the charm in it with its weirdness. While the game didn't click with me and didn't pull me in with some personal feelings and flaws such as the limited inventory, I DO respect this game and hope for its success as it did take a long time to make this. It's a pretty good title I will say and, if you want to play it, I recommend trying out the demo first to see if the gameplay and/or story really connects with you so you can buy it.

I like this one a lot, finally after 2 games I get to the one that's finally as good as 2. I love the robots, I love the enemies, the designs are great, its fun and doesn't take too long. I love it. Good game, definitely up there for one of the best ones atm.